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Early Childhood Center-School Year 2016-2017

"Play is the highest expression of human development."
Welcome to The One School At Temple Beth Am, Celebrating the Whole Child. We understand and respect that every child is essentially, ‘the one.’ Every child is unique. The specifics of how we nurture and grow each child are dependent entirely upon the needs of the child. This is how we celebrate each child - by engaging him or her at his or her point of need. The One School partners with every parent to ensure every child is championed and educated as an individual.

The One School is a NAEYC Accredited, Reggio Emilia Nature-inspired school, serving ages 18 months to five years. The One School offers certified teachers, a low student/teacher ratio, an emergent creative curriculum and specialty areas of study including science, art, music, foreign language and nature study. The One School’s curricula are supplemented by young family programs and parenting workshops, an infant and toddler program, Family Center, Summer Camp, after school enrichment classes and an active and instrumental Parent Teacher Organization. A commitment to contribute to the community and the world at large is also a part of the school’s social justice philosophy.


APRIL 24, 2017
Science High Touch High Tech
Mr. Tom asks us to sit on the rug together to explore, and observe and feel some rocks, gems and minerals.

Mr. Tom brings us all to the table, we  pretend to be little scientists with our magnifying glass.  We observe which rocks we can find in volcanoes. 

Mr. Tom handled all the ingredients for the steps in make a volcano explosions.
He mixed H2O, vinegar, baking soda and food coloring.

We put on our saftey goggles. 
The volcano explodes 

March 8, 2017
Purim is a joyous holiday.  It recalls long ago in Persia the story of King Ahasuerus decides to banish his queen Vashti.  He is on the search for a new queen.  Esther wins the kings heart.  Esther's cousin Mordecai comes with her to the kingdowm.  Mordecai warns Esther to never reveal that she is Jew.  The kings prime minister, Haman, is an evill man.  He tells the king to banish all the jewish people.  Esther tells the king she is Jewish and Haman is banished from the Kingdom.
                                                     The children made their own crowns.

                                           The background is a pretend castle that the children
                                      worked on cooperatively as a class to make one big castle

                                                          The king on his throne

                                                 All the fair madiens walk before the king

                                                     The king picks Esther to be his queen
The wicked Haman plots against the Jewish people.  Out with Haman.

MARCH 8th, 2017
Hamantaschen Day 
Haman was an evil man in the story of Purim.
A special Purim treat are Hamantaschen(A Yiddish word meaning Haman's pockets) three cornered cookies filled with jam.  Today we the three year old classes prepared  hamantaschen to bring home to their families.

MARCH 7, 2017
The children were in the garden discovering the real monarch caterpillars.  We followed their lead and went forward with the lifecycle of the caterpillar. 

The class participated in a felt board representing the book. 
 The little white play doh balls the children made are the eggs.
These are the live "pupa" in our classroom wait to change to a clear chrysalis. 
We found the secret garden and took the story outdoors. 

The children feed their hungry caterpillars with celery. 

The are ready to go on the outdoor board. 

MARCH 1, 2017

with Coach Jay 

 Today Coach Jay had us warming up our upper bodies together as a class.
 We were streching out our upper arms .
You can tell how hard these girls are working their lower legs  
Each child participated one at a time in the obstacle course. 
This excersie works body dimension and spacial awareness 

 Here they come out of the cute colorful tunnel
They are using their whole body locomotor skill in addition they are using problem solving skills to get through. 

The are going on the balancing beam working their lower bodies. 

It looks like ordinary bubble fun, however they are using their peripheral vision and parallel play. 

FEBRUARY  24, 2017
Let's measure the roots of plants and vegetables from the garden.
Indoors we planted grass and beans in glass jars so we could moniter and measure the growth up.
We were also insterested in the "roots" that grow down, to see how they would grow. 
We used two tools to measure the roots and ourselves.  We used a tape measure 

                            We brought in some outdoor small plants and took a look at their roots.

We went outside to our community garden.  We pulled a carrot from the soil.
We explained this is a root vegetable.                                                                            

                We measured the root part of the carrot to see how many "inches" it measured with a ruler.
           We planted indoors in glass containers some grass seeds for the children to take care of.
                             While the grass grew up the children watched the roots grow in the soil.
                    Our children are taking care of this growth together in our classroom environment

         When we measured the carrot, it was the vegetable that was measure since that is called the root
          We measured the children with a tape measure to see how many inches they are now in                                        February. Let's see how they measure in May!!!                            

                      To compare we brought in oversided flowers to identify the roots.

                  We looked through our magnifying glass to study the roots of some outdoor bushes
                                         We identify and discover that not all roots look alike

                                  We compared the carrot root to the roots of the large pretend flowers.

February 10, 2017
Preparing for Tu B'Shevat and our program on 
Honi The Circle Maker
One one beautiful day we looked at the trees and plants in our school garden. 
The children found their favorite tree. 

We prepared for our program with tree insipired hats. 
We painted with colors we noticed in our garden.  We took some sticks and twigs and stickers to embellish with tree and flower stickers. 

Honi lived in a small village along time ago, he was very wise and the people counted on him for good advice. 

By drawing a circle and stepping inside of it he would recite a special prayers for rain.  One winter in Israel  during the rainy season, there was NO RAIN.

So Honi did took his stick, made a circle and stepped inside.  He then talked to G-d.  Sure enough the wind started and the rain came in. 
Then a woman appeared and started diggin a hole for her tree.  How long will it take for the tree to grow fruit.  It will take seventy years. 

We learned about the fruits from the carob tree, the date tree and the almond tree.  The children were all given an opprtunity to taste the fruits.

February 9, 2017
The Birthday of the Trees
Celebrating Nature

 Trees and the garden environment  help us to respect our earth
When Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden to "keep it and watch over it". 
The children admired with wonder the abundance of  caterpillars crawling around the flowers. 
Each child picked from the tomato tree one cherry tomato to enjoy at snack time. 

We walked over to the section of the herbs.  The children picked some herbs to taste at snack time. 

Not only did we enjoy the snack, we observed the seeds inside the tomato.

January 31
Easel Painting overlooking the Garden
We brought the painting easel outdoors.
Using our outdoor garden as an inspiration, we asked the children to observe what they see.  
Then they painted and below are their words.
 "I made a design and a flower."
 "I created a beautiful garden."
"I made a plant." 
"I created a flower." 
 "I created a flower."
" I made a roof on a house." 
"I made a plant." 
"I painted a house." 
"I painted a beautiful flower." 
I painted a owl and feet from a planter and flowers." 
"I made energy balls." 

"I painted a dinosaur."

January 30, 2017
Moving and Groving -With High Touch High Tech
                                        Ms. Cheryl taught us how to balance our little birds on a stand.   We learned                                                    the center of gravity to balance the bird.

                                                  Each child tried to do this on their own

                 Then we each were able to try a see saw scale.  We balanced bears, dinosaurs and cubes to                           see which ones weight more. They were even when both sides weighed the same.

                            Ms. Cheryl handed out little spinning tops.  This also was an experiement to see                      if it could balance on its own.  We need to spin each one before it could balance and spin.

                             These magic cars were magnetic and the force of the magnets push them                                                                                forward and back.

December 15, 2016
The History of Chanukah
The elephant class had a special Chaunkah history program.  The class was asked to make a seven branch menorah.  The children used many skills to make this seven branch menorah, they used their hand eye coordination to cut and glue the strips for the link chain.  They made both simpple and more elaborate patterns with the chains.  They used counting skills to see how each link would hold and how many candles.  The also colored the white strips to make picture of the Chanukah symbols, dreidels, menorahs, gelt and latkes.
Then we brought our chain menorah to the program.  Ms. Lorraine had costumes, props and scenery for us to reenact and learn the history of the story orf the "miracle of the oil" lasting for eight days and eight nights.  We pretended to be Maccabees, soldiers, idols and elephants(which the soldiers used to ride on)  The kids thought that was really funny since we are the elephant class.

December 11, 2016
Winter and The Shabbat Puppy

In the early part of Dcember the class did a unit on domestic pets.  The children brought in pictures of their home pets, dogs, puppies, cats, fish and stuffed animals.  We read numerous books about puppies, dogs, cats and kittens.  We created a "Dog House" and displayed their pictures on it for them to enjoy at eye level.  The class transformed the dramatic play area into a pet clinic, we added more stuffed animals for the childrento feed, brush and walk their "pets".  As a class we read and reread The Shabbat Puppy.  We talked about kindness to animals, and the gentle and affectionate way we take care of them.  While reading the  story the teacher's identified to the children the other animals present in the story.  It is an awesome way to introduce winter in Florida.  In the book, during the season of winter, it is snowing, you regonize the Chanukiah in the window of a house.  As part of the lesson the children dressed up in "winter clothes", hats, scarves, and gloves.  The children enjoyed this activity, we also added some hot chocolate with marshmallows.  It was very cool.

NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Happy Fall Day from the Elephants
Happy Thanksgiving

Science Hi Touch High Tech
November 13, 2016
Ms. Cheryl started with a little experiment. 
The bottle filled with stomach acid which made the esophagus blow up. 
The balloon was the head and it had indigestion from all the stomach acid. 
When the bad food hits the stomach it gurgles and your face gets sad.
Ms. Cheryl showed us what was going on inside our body and how it is digested. 
We  have different food groups, dairy, protein,grains, vegetables and fruits.

Then we placed the pretend food on the food groups. 
We all learned so much 

November 11, 2016
Exploring the Pumpkin
The Pumpkin and our 5 Senses

            The web on the white board is all the words your children used to  describe the pumpkin.
                   What does the pumpkin look like?  Big, Tall, orange, small stripes
              We discussed what we would ee, hear, feel, taste and smell with the pumpkin
           What did you see inside the pumpkin? Seeds, Sticky stuff, pulp, sticky stuff, seeds
                                       What do you hear? Echo, the Ocean, Apple, Gecko

                               What does it feel like inside the pumpkin? Slimy, Wet, dirty, yuck, seeds
                                        Counting pumpkin seeds, improving our number skills
                                   Making our own pumpkin books, The lifecycle of the pumpkin

                                                    Painting our pumpkins

Pumpkin muffins waiting for us to taste.

Noah's Ark
Can you make a Prediction?
Will the objects Sink or Float?

Playing with our indoor Ark. 
We took out many objects from the  classroom to see what would happen. 
We cut a gourd and small pumpkin in half, and guess what it floated in the water. 

We collected many different kinds of indoor objects from the classroom. 
The children raised their hands when the teacher asked if they could predict if the object  would float. 

Then the class placed their own little arks in the water, they all floated. 

We had fun pretending to be animals  

November 2, 2016

Fire Truck
On Monday the Fire Truck arrived at The One School.
We started our lesson on Firefighters, Fire Trucks and Safety before they arrived. 
The children worked on their colors, shapes,counting, cutting and gluing on their own Fire Truck booklets.  We read stories, played with toy fire trucks, pretended we were firefighters and did a group puzzle.  We were all ready.




Up high on the truck 

Firefighters explain different equipment on the truck.

October 10, 2016
Our Skelton Bones

Our "Skelton" is made up of our bones.  In High Touch, Hi Tech, we discussed our human bones.  Ms. Billy brough in a life size "Skelton" puzzle of a five year old.  We sat on the carpet together as a class and each of us helped put the life size puzzle together.  Some of the children laid on top of the puzzle to compare their size to the puzzle.  Then each child had the opportunity to feel live bones from a cow.  Then at the end of the lesson we discussed which foods were good for our bones.  These foods contain "calcium".  As a special treat we had Cheerios, which contain the ingredient calcium, which helps to grow strong bones.

September 23, 2016

After reading an "Apple's Life" the class conducted an apple experiment.
We set up four jars with "air, oil, vinegar and water", we observed for five days  what would happen.
We encouraged the children to learn to engage in the process of scientific understanding.
                     Do you think you can eat the apples after they have been in the different liquids?  There                                              predication was a firm NO.
        On the carpet the children watched as the teacher set up the four jars.The independent variable is the red apple in all jars. The dependent variable is the substance in the jars, the oil, the water,the vingear and the air.
                          Each  individual child observed under the magnifying glass on day one.  What                                         was the differrnce of the apple colors they could see in the jar.

                                 They documented the results in the pictures they drew after day one.
                          Since we had so many left over apple seeds we tested the seeds in tonic water?
                           Will it sink or will it float?  They really were so curious what would occur!

                             They danced up and down in the tonic water.  We waited for them                                                                                sink and then float in the middle of the vase.
                                                              Curious faces
  On Friday we removed the independent variable, the apples from their jars.  What did the children observe.  Some said the apples turned brown, yellow and pink.  Some observed that the red apples were now green.   Could they believe the outcome of the experiment would change colors and the red apples would not longer be the color red.

September 22, 2016

Rosh Hashanah Apples and Applesauce
Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the Jewish New Year.  We cook and eat traditional foods.  Apples are used in many different recipes for the new year.  Inviting friends and family is also another tradition.  The Elephants welcomed the Bears and Turtles to help in the preparation of apple strawberry sauce.  It turned out wonderful.  

SEPTEMBER  15, 2016
Children's Yoga is a great way to energize. concentrate and reduce stress for young friends.
The brain works along with the body's inner core to develop focus, strength, and balance.
The children really enjoyed the yoga.

                          Using our feet helps us to engage our fine motor skill and focusing on our task.

                           Practicing our breathing helps to reduce stress in childen and adults.        

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Experiencing  Our Five Senses
include SIGHT-our eyes; SOUND from our voice and our ears, TOUCH - our hands, feet and our whole body and TASTE - mouths and tongue, and SMELL- our nose. 

We used our eyes to put magic glasses on while Mr. Tom used a special flashlight so we could see a rainbow. Mr. Tom asked us to find the colors with our the sense of our eyes. 

Mr. Tom and Ms. Brooke gave us jellybeans and told us to place them in our mouths whole pinching our nose. While pinching our nose we were not able to TASTE what flavor our jellybean was. When we unpinched our nose we could magically taste the delicous flavor. 

Mr. Tom showed us how the sense of TOUCH works with these heat sensitve pads. The children were given ice packs to deactivate the pads (turning them black) then they pressed their ears, hands, elbows or nose against turning the pad blue. The children were given a paper version to take home. 

September 7, 2016

The first week of every month the children have the pleasure of enjoying my gym with Coach Jay and their friends.  Today was the first day having My Gym and the Elephants had a blast!  Coach Jay warmed up their bodies with some stretches and then introduced the forward roll.  Each child had the opportunity to tuck, roll and end on their feet.  Then we closed with each child getting a colored scarf to use in different techniques.  The children placed them on their heads, then used them to make bracelets.  We tried out the shapes to see it become a square and pretended they were picinic blankets.  To finish we grasped them right in the miccle and pretended we were magicians TA-DA.  A good time was had by all.

August 25, 2016
Happy First Days of School Elephants! 

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Betty would like to welcome you to the Elephant class. We have enjoyed getting to know your beautiful children and introducing them to new friends at The One School. Now that they're an Elephant they are allowed to play on the big playground, outdoor time is even more fun.  During the week we are getting to know each other and begin a routine. We started our job chart and learning our new centers.  We have a song to help us remember all our new friends names.
                                                 Where is _____?
                                                   Where is ____?
                                                    Please stand up,
                                                    Please stand up,
                                                    Do a little wave,
                                                    Do a little clapping,
                                                     Sit back down,
                                                     Sit back down.


April 8, 2016

Living in Florida we have the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful blue sky to study and explore. Taking up this opportunity the Elephant's went outside and explored the clouds. Ms. Michelle read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by Charles G. Shaw. This book introduced the children to all the different shapes and animals clouds can be. The children then searched and searched for their own special cloud. They found elephants, bears, dragons and dragonflies in the clouds. 

In the book "The Cloud Book" by Tomie dePaola the clouds transform into bright white fluffy clouds to dark grey thunderstorm clouds. The children took their imagination inside and made their own puffy clouds using a mixture of glue and shaving cream. They made a cloud on half the paper, folded it in half and when they opened it up it was a "big" cloud. Their cloud creations can be found on our outside bulletin board. 

Ms. Jackie took the leftover shaving cream and made a cloud table. The children had a blast creating cloud handprints, letters and shapes using playdough cookie cutters. 

March 29, 2016
From Garden to Table

Ms. Kerrie surpised the Elephants with a big beautiful ripe cauliflower from our garden. We carefully cut it out and explored its nooks and crannies. Peyton noticed there are tiny black spots on the the cauliflower. Kieran and Dylan noticed there were some purple spots. Dylan tore off the outer leaves and began to crumble them up in his hands. We passed around the leaves and cauliflower smell. "Mmm the leaves smell sweet" said Sophia. 

Ms. Jackie took the cauliflower home and made the crust for cauliflower pizza. The children spread the sauce and sprinkled on the cheese. After a few minutes in the over it was time to eat. They were a little reluctant to try it but once they took a bit they couldn't get enough. 

March 15, 2016
Science High Touch-High Tech

This week Ms. Pilly taught the Elephants all about magnets, north (positive) and south (negative) poles and how they stick to each other.  They learned that magnets stick to metal like a cabinet, refridgerator, our dry erase board and even our classroom chairs.  

Ms. Pilly gave each Elephant a magnetic want and paperclips to practice using a magnet. Some of the children took their discovery further and searched for items in the room that are magnetic (the table legs, chair legs, their shoes (which of course are not), the door and door handle (which are not)). 

"Look I did it!" 

Here the children are using magnets to make crushed magnetic metals move around. 

March 10, 2016
Busch Wildlife

The One School would like to thank all of the families who donated paper towels and ziploc bags to Busch Wildlife. They were very grateful for all of the donations. Busch Wildlife is a Sanctuary for injured Wildlife. They area non-profit facility located right here in Jupiter. If you have never been it is a child friendly place to take your family and out of town guests. 

Over the last couple of weeks the Elephants have been exploring various animals of the sea and land. The children built homes for the animals using blocks, magna-tiles, large building blocks and legos. 

In anticipation for Busch Wildlife we asked the children what animals they thought they might see. 

Bella and Lily doing some play based learning with Ms. Jackie using animals and an alphabet puzzle. 

The first animal Ms. Kim brought was Miss. Buttercup the alligator. Miss. Buttercup is a reptile. The children were eager to touch Miss. Buttercup, some even wanted a second turn. 

The next animal was Mr. Clyde the skunk..."Pee - You " Bella said. Some of the children held their nose while touching him. He was the most interesting of them all.  

The red rat snake Scar felt "bumpy" according to Jackson. 

This marsupial the opossum named Field Trip looks cute but we all know the trouble they cause. We learned the opossum carries her babies in her pouch like a Kangaroo. 

This owl is known as a barn owl named Jacque. This owl does not hoot like other owls, he screeches. 

After Busch Wildlife came, the children voted on which animal they liked the best. Mr. Clyde the skunk came in first place. 

To celebrate our wonderful animals the Elephants brought in their favorite stuffed animal and shared them with their friends. They then brought them out during center time and shared the rest of the day with their special friend. 

March 3, 2016
The Lifecycle of A Butterfly

Ms. Kerry brought us a beautiful monarch caterpillar which we kept in our classroom feeding it everyday. One day it turned into a bright green chrysalis. After 2 weeks it emerged into a a beautiful butterfly. The children named him Crunchy. We released Crunchy onto the milkweed plants in our school garden. 

Felt story of the Hungry Caterpillar. 

Each childed beaded 2 pipe cleaners which were looped to make a butterfly. You can see them flying around our classroom.  

March 2, 2016

The children began their MY GYM session with Ms. Tanya by practicing their balancing skills on the "wiggly bridge." The children have been using the wiggly bridge since the beginning of the year and have become very confident in walking across it by themselves using their airplane arms.

Next, the children continued their balancing skills and strengthing of their core muscles on the rocking boat. Surfs up! 

The children then played their favorite game of Musical Mat. A similar version of musical chairs. 

To finish out our time, Ms. Tanya put on a wonderful puppet show. 

February 18, 2016
Healthy Teeth: Dentist Week

The children explored their teeth, tongues and how they help us. Their beautiful smiles were used for check-in every morning. The children enjoyed finding both their and their friends smile. During the week we talked about what is healthy and unhealthy for our teeth and body. The children were anxious to see what healthy food they had for lunch. 

They cut out a shape of a mouth and chose what shape their tongue is. Some said circle, oval or triangle and pasted it inside of their mouth. Next, the children used packing peanuts for teeth. A picture of them saying "ahhh" aided them in this process. 

Our yummy dentist snack was made from 2 slices of red apple, almond butter and marshmellows. They spread the almond butter and strategically stuck the marshmellows on. 

The One School was lucky enough to have two dentist's come this month. They played a game with the children "what is good for your teeth and what is bad for teeth." All of the children had a chance to brush and floss the dinasours teeth and tongue. 

Jamuary 21, 2016
The Earth Book

The Elephant Class read and reread, THE EARTH BOOK, by Todd Parr.  We asked the children to look at the cover of the book and articulate to us what shape was on the front.  They knew right away it was a circle.  When we reread the book they comprehended the land was green and the ocean was blue.    They noticed the theme was helping the Earth or What Makes the Earth Happy?  The children became acutely aware of items in their lunch boxes and snack that were recyclable. They asked if they could wash them and recycle them. We also made “grass heads” out of recycled materials for us to replant in our beautiful outdoor garden.  We used teamwork and respectable social skills to work collaboratively on making the bulletin board.
Thank you to everyone who were able to bring in recyclable items for the children to explore with. 

Showing them where the recycle symbol looks like on the bottle 

Where is Jupiter on the globe?

This is their recyclable art work. 

Creating our Earth using green for the land and blue for the ocean. 

Planting to help the Earth. 

DECEMBER 17, 201

Winter In The Elephants Room With Our Pets

We read the story "The Shabbat Puppy" to the children about a boy named Noah, his dog Mazel and his grandpa. Grandpa and Noah go for a walk to find Shabbat. The book goes through the seasons and at the end, Mazel is big enough to join them on their walk. The children dressed up in winter wear and enjoyed some hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmellows. 

Thank you for sharing your family pets with us. The children have loved sharing their pets and stories of their pets with their friends. They took them on a walk, fed them and read them a story. We talked about how we can be kind to our pets and what our favorite thing is to do with them. 

NOVEMBER 12, 2015
Pumpkins, Planting, Painting and More

We introduced the children to the process of how pumpkins come to be. First you plant the seeds, then they become a stem, sprout, flower, green pumpkin and then an orage pumpkin. Each child created their very own pumpkin book. It went home with them today (Friday). They really learned alot about the process. 

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. To teach this, we took our counting bears and made a perimeter around 3 different size pumpkins. 

The classic game, tic-tac-toe was introduced this week as well. The children learned how to play it the traditional way with "x's" and "o's". We then played it using gourdes and pumpkins. 

Kieran and many other Elephants had a blast using fall material to make patterns. You can use ordinary things from around your home to do this as well. 

The children planted pumpkin seeds in class which will then be planted in our garden when they are ready. 

To finish our unit on pumpkins the Elephants, Bears and Turtles did an experiment with baking soda, blue food coloring and vinegar. With holes cut into the pumpkin and the top cut off baking soda was poured into the pumpkin with a few drops of food coloring. When the vinegar was added it "exploded." Not as much as we would have liked. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We will see you Monday!

Reminder there is no school Friday, November 20th. 

NOVEMBER 11, 2015

The children finger painted with red and yellow to make orange like a pumpkin. 

In science pumpkins and gourdes of all shapes and sizes were put out for the children to explore. We weighted, examined, listened and compared them. 

It was now time to open and explore the inside of a pumpkin. They were excited to see what would awaite for them when they opened it. They each had a chance to scoop out the seeds and pulp and then play with. Dylan, Kieran and Peyton squeezed so hard they made pumpkin juice. 

Using their finger painting from earlier in the week the children followed along a black circle and cut out a pumpkin. This project was sent home with your child.

November 4, 2015

Continuing in our discovery of Fall and the introduction of Pumpkins we read the book The Giving Tree. The children used their fine motor skills to crinkle coffee filters and eye droppers to change the color of them into their very own trees. Using their fine motor skills to squeeze the and let go at the very top is a great skill to work on for their pinchers. They collected leaves and fringed green paper to make grass. 

Thank you to the Meinbach family, the Koppel family and the Jorgensen family for the new books from the bookfair.

October 30, 2015
"Leaf Man"

 Monday, November 2nd, is PJ day at school. 

With Fall in the air we have begun to introduce it to the children fall leaves. The concept of the their color changing from green to orange, red, yellow and brown. The class listened ro the story "Leaf Man" . In the book the "Leaf Man" is depicted as a person made out of leaves and acorns.  He travels through various lands and changes his apperance. The children collected leaves from around the playground. They examined their leaf to see the veins and colors. Each child chose a unique Lleaf Man" they wanted to create and named it. You can see their creations on our outside bulletin board. 

Thank you to Kristin and Brian Glassman for donating Dr. Seuss "ABC." We appreciate your contribution to the Elephant class. 

October 23, 2015
Fire Saftey Week

First we would like to thank all of the Elephant families who were able to donate or lend us fire trucks, fire safety books, people and much more. Your help aided in building the children’s passion for firefighters and the wonderful work they do for our community. Thank you.

The children were immersed in everything fire safety. We explained to them through books, how important fire fighters are to our community, what is on a firetruck and how the firefighters use the tools on them to put out fires. 

REMINDER: Please don't forget to bring in a white pillowcase as soon as possible. Thank you.

Everyone worked as a team (including the teachers) to put together a fire truck puzzle. 

This is a sensory bin filled with baking soda which can be used to put out fire. It was also filled with items in the colors of red and yellow (the color of a fire). 

The children are making a special fire truck book that will be sent home with you today. 

Jackson is tearing yellow and red paper in order to make the base of his fire collage. The collages will be displayed in the classroom. 

Science with Bug Goo
October 22, 2015

This week we had science with Coach Dezi. She taught us all about spiders. Spiders have a head, abdomen, and thorax. Their webs are called orbs. The reason why spiders don't stick to their own web, or orb is because they have on their legs. Coach Dezi gave each child some green goo and then squeezed a couple of drops of borax and glue into the goo. The children stired, stired, stired until is was all sticky. They were each given a spider to see what happens. 

October 14, 2015
Discovery of Noah's Ark and Rainbows

The Elephant's were engrossed in numerous activites throughout the last two weeks discovering the beauty of rainbows, Noah and his ark, sinking and floating. Here are some moments we would like to share with you. Please join mychild to see many more daily moments of your child. If you have any questions of how to join Rhea from the Shining Stars can assist you in the process. 

In the book Noah's Bark, Noah has trouble distinguishing all of the different animal sounds. The pigs were mooing the horses were hissing and it was so noisy. Noah discovered a way for all of the animals to have their very own sound. 

On the playground Ms. Michelle brought out animal masks. 

The children are building their own arks out of magna-tiles and making room for the animals. Some of the arks have individual spaces for the differend animals while others have the animals all together. 

Our next discovery was an experiment of what sinks and floats. First we took out materials from the classroom including animals. They understood why it was important for the animals to be inside the ark to stay dry since they sank. 

Peyton put her giraffe standing in the water. She said "look it standing." The children were a bit confused but fasinated that it was neither sinking nor floating. 

Lastly, they took turns floating their own arks made out of cork, popsicle sticks, a toothpick and a triangle sail. All of the arks floated. 

October 1, 2015

Planting For Our Garden

The Elephants are helping replenish the garden by planting some basil and cherry tomatoes in biodegradable planters that we will transfer into our beautiful garden. Thank you to Kerry for supplying all of the materials and guiding our planting experience. Using their fine motor skills they  used large shovels to slowly scoop soil into their planters. They then took their fingers to smoosh the soil down as flat as they could. Next, seeds were added and they gently covered them. Come see our basil and tomatoes begin to sprout in the classroom before we plant them. 

Helping Kerry push some plants to the garden. The Elephants are such wonderful helpers. 

The Shofar
September 21, 2015

This month is all about the Shofar. We hear the Shofar during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The children heard books aboutYom Kippur and the Shofar. They heard the Shofar in the room, at Music and at Shabbat with Mr. Brett. Using their fine motor skills to thread their Shofar for our marching parade they were excited to make the sounds they heard from Mr. Brett. We attached blowers to the tips of their Shofars. They marched around the playground making the wonderful sounds of the Shofar and singing songs.  


Here Kieran and the class are feeling the Shofar, examining all of the curves, bumps and holes it has. They dicovered what hole you blow out of and what hole the sound comes out of. 

For the first time this year they painted on the easel a Shofar. Some said they wanted theirs brown like Mr. Brett. 

September 18, 2015
How We Feel Is Important

This week we said goodbye to Rosh Hashanah and hello to Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a holiday about forgiveness and saying "I'm sorry." It is also a holiday about acknowledging the things that you have done wrong over the past year and things you would like to do better; how you would like to better yourself. 
For the children we concentrated on their feelings. They had opportunities to express themselves through art, pictures (like below), drama and reading this book to their friends. 
Come to the classroom and enjoy our Elephants feelings book featuring the many wonderful expressive faces of your children. 







Drawing how she is feeling









September 11
Apple Explosion

In the continuation of apples we experimented with an apple explosion. The children first hypothesized that the red and yellow apple would be different colors inside. In fact they were the same colors inside. Next they hypothesized that the large red apple would bubble more than the small yellow apple. They were correct. 

If you would like to try this experiment at home here are the ingredents and directions: 
  • vinegar
  • aples
  • baking soda
  • apple pie spice
  • cinnamon
  • food coloring of your choice
Directions: Hollow out the middle of an apple. Pour baking soda in a bowl with apple pie spice and cinnamon and mix until it smells sweet. Pour the vinegar in a bowl with a few drops of food coloring. Fill the center of the apple with the baking soda mixture and the vinegar on top of the baking soda. Watch the eruption and enjoy!!

September 10, 2015

Shana Tova! Happy and Healthy New Year!

During our exploration of apples we passed around the apples and the children smelled, touched and compared them to their friends. 

Brandon and Peyton are painting on bubble wrap their favorite color apple. They then turned over the bubble wrap and pressed it down. You can see their apples displayed in our classroom. 


The children are pretending the green, yellow and red blocks are apples and are sorting them. 

For Rosh Hashana the children are making you a special gift to celebrate the Jewish New Year. They mod podged plates with tissue paper and made a special treat. Look for your gift and treat on Friday. 

September 2, 2015

The first week of every month the child have the pleasure of enjoying My Gym with Ms. Tanya and friends. Today was our first day having My Gym and the Elephants had a blast! Ms. Tanya warmed up their bodies and then introduced them to the "rocking boat relay" where they had to use airplane arms to aid in their balancing. They then practiced their forward rolls, tucking their chins to their chest, standing up and ending with a big "TA-DA!" Finally each chid was given a circular object and they were asked to focus on different body parts. For example, placing their ring on their arm, head, knee and so forth.  My Gym is an excellent program offered by The One School to enhance your child's muscles and gross motor skills.

 Augst 25, 2015
Week of Me

This week we read a few books about "me." Some of their favorites were Thank you for me by Marion Dane Bauer, The skin you live in by Michael Tyler and Me I am! by Jack Prelutsky. Each child had an individual experience of looking in the mirror and drawing what they saw using crayons. They took their time examining the mirror and who they saw. Ms. Jackie had them find each body part located on their face; their eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue..etc. Once each part was located Ms. Jackie asked the child what he/she wanted to start with, some said their eyes while others wanted to start with the shape of their face.
  Bella said "I see my beautiful smile." Brandon said "I see my face, my fingers, my tongue and shoes and socks." Please join us on Thursday, September 3rd at 7pm to check out our self-portrait bulletin board and see what your child said about themself. 

August 18, 2015
Happy First Week of School Elephants! 

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Jackie would like to welcome you to the Elephant class. We have enjoyed getting to know your beautiful children and introducing them to new friends at The One School. Now that they're an Elephant they are allowed to play on the big playground. During the week we are getting to know each other and begin a routine.

May 12, 2015
Science High Touch High Tech
Monday Ms. Nikki from High Touch High Tech came to the Elephant class with her last program for the year.  The program was about : Fun with Water.  First the children got race colored water droplets on a special water track using a craft stick.  The children made their water-car droplets move along the race track very fast.  Ms. Nikki finished her visit by bringing the children outside for bubble fun.  Chasing bubbles and making bubbles are a favorite activity of our Elephants.

MAY 7, 2015

Ms. Tanya brought the Elephant class a wonderful fun program for our last class of the year.  As usual the children warmed up their muscles first before they got to move with Ms. Tanya.  With their muscles warmed up the children got to go "Surfing" on the blaance boat, dive under the bubbles from the bubble machine and jump like a "bunny" using the hop sacks.
To finish off we ended the morning with a finger-puppet show about two little blackbirds.  We had a great year with MY GYM

APRIL 27, 2015

THE ONE SCHOOL brings lots of special visitors to explore new things with the children.  Friday the petting zoo came to school with a baby sheep, goats, cow, chicks, bunnies, pig and a big rooster.  The children were all instructed that they could touch all the animals as long as they used just one finger.  The Elephants had so much fun, just look!

APRIL 16, 2015

The Week of the Young Child is a time to recognize that the children's opportunities are our responsibilities and to recommit ourselves to ensuring that each and every child experiences the type of early environment-at home, at school, and in the community-that will promote their early learning.  NAEYC first established the week of the Young Child recognizing that the early childhood year lay the foundation for children's success in school later in life.

Through music, children develop math, language, and literacy skills-and of course, have fun while being active.  The elephants got their muscial instrument and went outside.  We had a muscial marching parade to the song, "It's a Small World".

                                                                     TACO TUESDAY
This fun, food-themed day is more than just cheese and salsa. Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science and more.  We had crunchy Taco shells, chesse, salsa, and tomatoes and lettuce from the garden.  We sat together family syle and enjoyed our tacos and conversation.

                                                            Work Together Wednesday

                                               Work together, build together, learn together
When children build together they explore math and science conceptsand develop their social and early literacy skills.
All the three year old classes celebrated "Work Together Wednesday " on the playground.  Each class brought out something to build with.  The children got to build together using Duplo-blocks, Lincoln logs and Magna-tiles.  Working together helps to promote a sense of community among all the classes.

                                                                 ARTSY THURSDAY
                                                         Think, problem solve, create  
Children develop creativity, social skills and fine muscles with open ended art projects where they can make choices, using their imagination and create with their hands. On Artsy Thursday the children each created their own collages.  Each child was given a choice of colored paper, glue and a variety of different art materials to create and discover their hidden collage talents.                              

             We end the week with Family Friday.  Sharing with your family ideas and stories with each other.  Engaging and celebrating families is the heart of supporting our youngest leaners; families.  The children will each draw a picture of their families and bring it home on Friday.

APRIL 9, 2015                                    MY GYM

         Ms. Tanya came to school today with a wonderful MY GYM program that had our Elephants trying out obstacle courses.  The first one the children jumped over pretend "turtle shells", and sprinting over "hurdles", and sliding through the tunnel.  The next one was just as challenging.  The class climbed over a "nester", going around a cone and ending with a forward roll on the mat.  At the end we looked through round small hoops and pretended they were our frames for our faces.  to finish off the morning we picked up colorful gauzy cloths that "flew" all around.

                                                April 7, 2015

                                       Getting Ready for Passover

The holiday of Passover celebrates the Jewish people freedom from Egypt under the evil Pharaoh.  The Seder plate represents foods that symbolize our times during when we were in Egypt and after we left.
Parsley: The parsley represents the initial flourishing of the Israelites during the first years in Egypt before we became slaves.
Haroset: The mix of fruits, wine and homey symbolizes the mortar that the Israelite slaves used to construct buildings for Pharaoh.
Maror: The bitter herb allows us to taster the bitterness of slavery.   Today most people use horseradish as maror.
Shank bone: A roasted lamb shank bone that symbolizes the lamb that the Jewish people sacrificed as a special Passover offering.

Roasted Egg: The roundness of the egg represents the cycle of life-even in the most painful times, there is always room for hope.

March 13, 2015                                 WORKING OUR MUSCLES

On Thurday the elephants enjoyed "My Gym" at The One School.   We did warm ups and streching.
Then Ms. Tanya took our her "Wiggly Bridge".  Each child took a turn using their large motor skills to balance the entire way over the bridge.  After each child waited patiently, they had a turn on the "Rocking Boat"to perform a forward roll.  The class had a "dance off" wheere they had to jump onto the mat when the music stopped. This activity was even more challenging because the mat kept getting smaller and smaller after every stop.  The class enjoyed using their large motor skiills for all the fun challenges.

March 10, 2015                      
Science with High Tech High Touch

Ms. Nikki came to the Elephant class on Monday with a program all about balance.  The children had fun trying to make a 'balance birdie' balance on a part of their body.  Some children balanced their birdie on their nose or their arm or their fingers or their feet.  Everyone tried balancing.  Next Ms. Nikki gave the children a scale and items to balance on their scale.  Some Elephants balanced dinosaurs with wings or fins or a big tail.  Next the children tried balancing 3 bears; a Papa, a Mama and a Baby bear to see which was the heaviest.  After all the balancing fun was completed, Ms. Nikki gave everyone a sparkly top to see if the children could spin the top on it's point. It reminded us of spinning a Dreidel.  Science makes learning fun.

Purim Fun

Today all the 3’s had the chance to really get into the FUN of Purim.  The children were divided into 4 groups to make sure that everyone had a turn at all the activities!  This is what we did:

The children listened to the story of Purim and then made Purim character puppets:

 Groggers, the noise maker used to drown out the name of wicked Haman, were made from boxes of macaroni and then wrapped and decorated.  After our Purim parade and celebration on Friday, the boxes of macaroni will be donated to a local food pantry.

 Yummy eating time came when everyone made delicious hamentaschen (the jelly filled triangle shaped cookie meant to remind us of Haman’s hat)!

 Outside time was also part of our celebration!  Running and swinging and playing are important in every celebration!

FEBRUARY 17, 2015

The Ladybug Investigation
Approximately one month ago we started to explore and discover the ladybug.  The children were introduced to the words of the four stages of the ladybug; 1) The egg stage on a leaf, 2) the Larva stage, 3) the Pupa stage and 4) the final ladybug.  The teacher wrote the name of each stage with a figure next to the new vocabulary so the children could visualize the word with the stage as they would view it in the Ladybug Land Observation dome.  We first read the book The Ten Little Ladybugs. We counted the ladybug's eyes, it's legs and it's antennae.  When we counted the spots we learned not every kind of ladybug is the same.  Sometimes the color and spots are different from one kind to another.  Documented on our bulletin board outside our room, we counted out the spots and placed them on the body of the bug.   Then we used addition to count how many spots we had all together.  
We continued our study by taking a field trip to the rock garden on the bottom side of the parking lot going over the small footbridge and arriving at the garden. Here all the children collected and gathered flat rocks to make our pet ladybug rocks.  While in the garden, we listened to the story of The Grouchy Ladybug.  The children came back to the room excited to paint, count spots, apply eyes to their own pet rock.  Our ladybug larva arrived by mail, ready to be placed in the Ladybug Land Observation Dome.  First we read A Ladybug's Life and Are you a Ladybug?  These books described in detail the stages of the Ladybug.  The larva arrived in a plastic test tube container .  The children were in awe at placing the larva in the dome.  This was left out for daily observation with a magnifying glass, paper and crayons.  The children chose to draw the stages as it appeared to them,  this way they could document the changes that they saw.  We fed the ladybug larva water through a dropper.  Can you predict how many ladybugs we will have?  Can you count the larva in the dome?  Each child's response was different.  When the larva went into the "Pupa" stage the children were so excited by this new word.  One child had his parent observe the pupa stage too.  How did they look different than the larva stage?  We went home for the weekend and when we came in on Monday we had ladybugs.  They were brand new and had never been outside the dome.  We took the ladybug dome outside to the vegetable garden.  What would happened when we released them?  Do you want to hold the ladybug?  How did it feel?  Did it tickle?  We discovered from our observation that they spread their wings for the first time in the garden.  It was an awesome ladybug journey.

FEBRUARY 10, 2015
The children were mesmerized by the experience of being up close and personal by these wonderful, wild and tamed animals.
We asked the children "What was your favorite animal?"
Remy, Pierson and Paxon like Ms. Helmet - A Gopher Turtle.  They dig deep holes in the wild.
Ved and Reese like Pablo the Screech Owl- who comes out at night(nocturnal)
Preston was captured by Rascal, the Everglades Rat Snake
Allison and Charlie told us that Clyde, the Striped Skunk is a mix of two blends of skunks.
Ilana and Rowan favorited the American Alligator, Pierce.

FEBRUARY 4, 2015
This week the Elephant class discussed Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of the Trees.
In our society we honor the Trees for all that they give back to us.  
At Tu B'Shevat it is customary to plant seeds for a plant and or a fruit or nut tree.
In the spring trees blossom giving us buds filled with nectar for the birds, bees and butterflies.
In the summer the blossoms disappear to be replaced by bright green leaves.  The birds build nests, people use the trees for the cool shade they offer in the summer time.
In the fall the leaves turn colors and fall down.  Animals such as squirrels store their food in the trees for winter.  We can gather leaves into piles and jump in them, play and make pictures with the leaves.
In the winter the tree gathers snow on her bare branches waiting patiently for spring to arrive.
In Florida we do not see all these seasonal changes, however we thought it was important to learn about them.
We talked to the children about the fruit trees in Florida.  We tasted apples, oranges, bananas and coconut.  We plant in the school garden all year long to gather fruits and vegetables of our labor.

JANUARY 25, 2015
Each child was taken to the garden in search of the perfect landscape.
They were given an easel, paper, paint and paintbrushes.
They each looked around at the fruits, vegetables, flowers the pretend ocean and even the bridge.
One at a time they discovered how they wanted to portray the garden.
Each one is as special and unique as your own child.

JANUARY 20, 2015
When you walk out the front doors to the Temple
to the right and go to the parking area, it
leads to a brick path with a wood bridge, you arrive at the  
"rock garden"
The Elephant class took a little field trip to explore the rock garden.
We were on the look out for special and unique rocks to create our own ladybugs.
While in the garden, the children enjoyed listening to the book, 
The Grouch Ladybug, Eric Carle
The children gathered their rocks and we set off for our classroom.
Then we used paint brushes, pencils points and pencil erasers dipped in a variety of paints to create our own ladybug rocks.
The children loved exploring this new garden on the Temple grounds.

JANUARY 9, 2015

While we were away on winter break, the garden burst forth with rich colors and scents of the vegetables and herbs the children planted.
This past Tuesday after the break, we set out to explore the plantings.
The children were excited to see, feel and smell the vegetables of their labor.
Sure enough the cucumbers were ripe enough to pick, as were the tomatoes, broccoli,
lettuce and green peppers.
We all enjoyed participating in the picking and eating of the vegetables
and herbs and experiencing the taste of healthy organic sensations.
Just look at these exciting faces.

NOVEMBER 16, 2014

This week we finished our lesson on the life cycle of the pumpkin.
After reading and rereading Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie.

The children learned that the pumpkin starts as a seed.
The seed is planted in the rich soil.
The root reaches below for the nutrients.
The sprout reaches for sunlight.

Soon the vines appear.

The golden blossoms bloomed into a yellow flower.

Tiny green knobs replace the flowers and then the knobs change from green color to orange color.  The children documented all of this in their own pumpkin books.

                                          We gather the soil in the community garden to plant our seeds.



The seeds are counted and we plant them in clear cups.  This is important to observe the roots below the soil and the stem that appears above the soil.


We planted even more seeds in cups and bring them into our classroom window to observe.  When the time is ready we will transfer them to the community garden.




We had a great time painting this enormous, gigantic and humungous pumpkin.

The children worked together as a class to make this pumkin an orginal piece of artwork.

We also learned that pumpkins have different names; Cinderalla pumpkin, Peanut pumpkin, Fairytale pumpkin, and their favorite Cotton Candy pumpkin.

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Five little pumpkins sitting on the grass
The 1st one said "Oh my it's getting late."
The 2nd one said "There are leaves in the air."
The 3rd one said "But we don't care."
The 4th one said "Let's run and run and run."
The 5th one said "I'm ready for some fun."
Oooo went the wind 
And out went the lights!
And the five little pumpkin's rolled out of sight.

The children created the following activities themselves. We were there to scaffold their learning and build upon it. It was interesting to see how their pumpkin play evolved.

Balancing our little pumpkins on a log.

Discovering the different colors of the baby pumpkins.

Balancing and gross motor movements help the brain to develop coordination.

Jumping over the pumpkins.  Movement, physical activity and rhythmic patterns enhances learning and understanding.

Jumping with pumpkins over the log.

Balancing on the log.

Jumping with two pumpkins in our hands. 

OCTOBER 29, 2014

On Monday the fire fighters visited with their fire truck! We learned new vocabulary words like nozzle. The fire fighters taught us to stop, drop, and roll if our clothes ever catch on fire, and to call 9-1-1 if we ever see a fire. The fire fighters showed us what equipment they use on the truck. We even got to see Ms. Jackie dress up as a fire fighter, with her boots, coat, hat, and mask! 

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Noah's Ark

After reading the story Noah's Ark, we talked about the surprise at the end of the book.

 The children were excited to learn about the rainbow.  They each made a rainbow in the shape of a triangle.  The used their small muscles to cut and clue the many colors of the triangle.

Then we took our lesson outside.  We performed an EXPERIMENT!
We took out some items from our room, a shell, a leave and a foam puzzle piece to "observe" if it would sink or float.

We added our own little arks made from corks, popsicle sticks and a triangle sail.

We observed that our "arks" floated in the water.

Everyone took a turn "observing" their own ark.

We used recycled buddy fruit tops in the colors of the rainbow for our next lesson.

Here we made a pattern and the child recreates the pattern with the objects.
The red had the greatest amount of tops. The child uses his numbers and counting skills.

The child is sorting by colors and counting in one-to-one-correspondence.

OCTOBER 22, 2014


As the season begins to change, we planted the first seeds all together as a class

Ms. Kerrie helped the children mix the soil and seeds in biodegradable pots that are easy to transfer to the garden.

The children mixed the seeds of the cucumbers and the multi-colored flowers (cosmos).

We cared for our plants in our room, giving them water and sunlight.
The little sprouts are ready to transfer to the big garden!

 The children explored and discovered the outdoor garden while planting the seeds.

 When the cucumbers grow, we will be able to eat them them together for a snack.

 It will be a great discovery to watch the whole school's herbs and vegetables grow side by side!

OCTOBER 9, 2014

Sukkot is the fall harvest festival, in some ways similar to celebrations of the earth's bounty found in other cultures. Sukkot reminds us of the Jewish people's exodus from Egypt during which they lived in temporary shelters. Sukkot refers to both the name of the holiday and to the huts, which are partially open to the sky, places to dwell during the holiday.

It is customary to decorate the sukkah.  The children are using model magic to form fruits which they will paint and bead for our classroom decorations. The children used two-hand manipulations concentrating and focusing to perform these skills.

The children used magna tiles to pretend to make a table top sukkah.

 In our classroom sukkah the children used make-believe props to cook meals to eat in the sukkah.
Mr. Brett and Mr. David joined the three year old classes in song and dance in the sukkah.  

We are learning lulav and etrog songs.  We sang the lulav shake with our pretend lulav and etrog.

The class went outside to the sukkah to read the book, A Watermelon in the Sukkah.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

Throughout the centuries the "Shofar" has been blown to usher in Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  The shofar also announces the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

 In class we read the book It's Shofar Time.
Mr. Brett demonstrates how to blow a very large shofar to the class.

 The class laced pretend shofar made from recycled cereal boxes.  They used their hand eye coordination to move with lanyard from hole to hole.

 We added blowers to each child's shofar.

 Then we all walked around the hall making the sounds of the shofar.

 Happy Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

A is for Apple
This week was all about discovering the "APPLE".
                  To start our unit on "Apples" we read the story The Apple Tree's Discovery.
        We cut the apple horiztonally to show the class what was in the middle of every apple.

 There's a star inside the apple!, It's a miracle indeed, that this sweet and juicy apple was once a tiny

                                      Then we discussed the different colors of the apples.
                             We tried to paint with the apple so we could all see the star on the paper.

 After reading the story Applesauce, we joined with the our three year old friends to make"friendship"  applesauce. Everyone contributed one apple into the crockpot to make it a "friendship" blend.

      We tasted apples, the green, yellow and red.  We added some honey to make it even sweeter.

 We mixed all the ingredients together in the crockpot.  We smelled the delicious aroma all day.
 We created our own stained glass apples.  The children colored round coffe filters, they used their fine motor skills for their own creations.. After we sprayed them with water they magically blended all the colors together.

 We also used our math skills to take a vote as to which apple we liked the best. Green and yellow we                   were tied for first place.  The red came in last place with only three votes.

           The children took natural and recycled materials to create their own individual apple tree.                                                
               For Shabbat snack we all sat together and shared our muli-colored applesauce.


MY GYM With Ms. Tanya

Singing with salsa music and learning to count to ten in Spanish!

Playing head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Using our large motor muscles to climb the "wiggly bridge."

Using our bean bags to identify the four corners.

Now we are displaying the shapes of a diamond.

The children had to walk around the mat with the music in the background.
When the music stopped they all jumped on the mat.  ( A different version of musical chairs0

A wonderful educational time was had by all.

AUGUST 26, 2014

One of the first stories we shared together as the "The Elephant Class" was Elmer by David McKee.
Elmer is part of a "herd" of elephants .He travels where ever the "herd" roams.  Elmer has a special part in his elephant family.  He is different on the outside then the rest of the herd.  His coat is a patchwork of colors.  Everyone can always spot Elmer because of his many colors.  After reading the book, your children made their own version of "Elmer".

The class used their fine motor skills, as well as their hand eye coordination to glue on paper. They choose if they wanted to crumble or not. Each elephant was unique in design.

 The children went to the easel and used an elephant stencil attached to the paper They each decided which color they wanted to make their own elephant. They used their gross motor skills.   moving back and forth between large sweeping motions and small  discrete movements.

 The children pretended to be elephants with their large elephant trunk. They were hysterical laughing and having a great time under their large trunk.

April 9

 Our journey to learn about the Passover holiday began by using our felt board to recreate a visual story with the children in helping them to understand the importance of each character in telling the Passover story. The children listened to the book "Pyramids". We, then, went to the atelier room and traced a large pyramid. The class then took turns participating with all of the three year old classes to paint, sand and toil like a "slave" to create a big pyramid, which was displayed in the background for all to see during our "mock" Seder. In class, the children recreated pyramids using magnatiles and our Moses and Pharoah figurines.  The children learned all about the foods we use on the Seder plate, such as shankbone, bitter herbs, egg, parsley, lettuce and charoset. We then set out to work creating our own Seder plates to bring home for our own Seder table. Going out to our garden this week, provided us the opportunity to touch, smell and cut parsley. Today, we all enjoyed a school wide "mock" Seder pretending we were slaves and enjoying the foods with our friends and families.



March 27, 2014        

                                        Our Weather

Weather is our topic of interest this week and we were fortunate enough to experience so many different types within just a few days at school. Our class discussion began by creating a web documenting just what the children knew about weather. Although our first day was rainy, the class was more interested in talking about the wind and how it was moving the rain drops and leaves on the trees from their observations through our window. A few of the children shared that they always see kites at the beach when it's a windy day. We decided then to have each child create and decorate a kite and take it outside to take advantage of our windy conditions. The children ran around the playground expressing excitement and laughter as each kite took to flight. "I feel the air on my face", "look at my hair blowing" and "the wind is moving the clouds" were some of the wonderful replies made by the children.
Our class also got to enjoy the delicious taste of our green peas that have sprouted in our garden. The children were amazed to see the pods growing amongst the greenery and loved the fact that they got to open up some pods and eat the peas. Yummy!


March 13, 2014

This week, the Elephant class revisited the topic of being kind and nice to our friends. Before beginning our story, Chrysanthemum, each child was given a paper heart. We asked the children to carefully listen to the story and every time you hear someone being mean or unkind to fold their heart over and continue to do so until the end of our story. At the end, the children unfolded their hearts and they noticed that they were all crumbled up. We explained that every time you say or do unkind things to your friends it hurts their hearts. Also to help the class further understand the act of kindness, the children made Purim baskets and learned that during this holiday we find ways of assisting those in need by giving /exchanging Mishloach manot for others. Afterwards, the class worked in teams to plant real Chyrsanthemum flowers in our garden. And finally after weeks of observing our insects, the children were amazed to see actual ladybugs in the habitat right before their eyes. Each child had the opportunity to hold and let the ladybugs crawl on them. They squealed with excitement and laughed as the ladybug tickled them as they crawled around. We then released our ladybugs into our garden to enjoy their new habitat and take care of our plants.

March 4, 2014                        

Life Cycle of the Ladybug

We extended our study of Ladybugs this week by reviewing the four stages of the insect with the children. The children were very excited to see the real life larva of the insect, however seemed confused by it's appearance. It took a little while for the class to understand that they're only in stage two of four in the ladybug life cycle, and as little scientists we'll need to observe their appearnce and actions and watch them grow before our eyes.

February 25, 2014
Counting Ladybugs

While playing on our playground the children were curious about a little bug they found on the fence. Using our magnifying glasses, we were able to identify the insect to be a Ladybug. They all laughed as it crawled on our hands. The children tried to count the spots, however they said "it moves too fast", and then they got to see it spread it's wings and fly to a leaf. Our topic of Ladybugs emerged again while visiting the front outside garden. While outdoors, we enjoyed the counting story of  Ten Little Ladybugs.  Afterwards the class went on a hunt for the perfect shaped rock and brought them inside so our Picasso's could paint them their favorite ladybug color. Later in class, we learned all of the parts of the insect such as it's two hard and two soft wings, six legs, and two antennae. Using our new found knowledge and our math counting skills, each child worked on counting out the body parts needed to create their ladybug and then using their fine motor skills, they attached several different textures to give their insect character. Taking the lesson one step further, we had the children tell us how many spots they wanted on each side of their bug and then each child using addition had to count up both sides to equal the grand total.


February 13, 2014

Happy Teeth

In anticipation of a visit by our community dentist, the Elephant class began their study of teeth and oral hygiene. After reading "First Visit to the Dentist", we discussed what to expect, why we go, equipment used in the dentists office and how to better take care of our teeth. Our first exploration in our study, we said "Open Wide" into our pretend big mouths, which we created out of paper and using our counting skills we placed 10 teeth on the top of our mouth and then 10 teeth on the bottom. Of course, not every mouth was perfect, a few of us had a cavity. Later on, to work on developing better fine motor skills, we painted our names with tooth brushes. By the time the dentist came to visit, our class already knew such great new vocabulary words such as Cavity, X -Rays, Roots and Gums. Then when Dr. G  finally arrived he demonstrated the correct way to brush our teeth and taught us what types of foods would be best to protect and keep our teeth healthy. After his visit, we continued our discussion in class about healthy and unhealthy foods and then we played a fun game to help us remember which foods make our teeth happy and which foods may cause cavities.

January 6, 2014

Look Who Swoops!
Continuing with our Project Approach of Florida animals, the Owl emerged as a topic of interest with the Elephants. After reading a few books and learning that owls hatch from eggs, the owlets are fuzzy when little and then they grow feathers, and eventually they learn to use their wings to fly. The children were very inquisitive as to what the owls eat and how it catches it's food. We pretended to be big owls on our own and our sharp claws were squeezy grabbers. On the playground, each child had the opportunity to swoop in and catch a small animal (a ball) using their fine motor skils to squeeze and grab it with our toy. The children also had fun using their gross motor skills to spread out their wings and pretended to fly around like owls and were excited to share with their friends the kind of owl they were. Afterwards in class, we created paperbag owls. Learning to manipulate our scissors, we cut out shapes to create the owls body parts, traced our hands for wings and then stuffed them to pretend that their bellies was full!

January 31, 2014

Animal Habitats

After a week of learning and exploring with pretend Florida animals in our classroom, the Elephants were very excited to see the real specimens when Busch Wildlife came to visit our school this week. The children got to meet Clyde the skunk and said "his tail is very soft", compared to Buttercup the alligator whose "tail seems very bumpy and he's black with stripes". Our class learned that Helmet the gopher tortoise lives on the land and digs big holes, while Hamlet, the turtle who visited our class last week, likes to play in the water. The children laughed and thought it was funny when Sherbert the snake wrapped himself around Ms. Kellys arm and thought August the opossums tail "looked weird with no hair". After our animal friends visit, the class voted on which animal they liked the best and our final tally showed a four way tie! Next, we took the knowledge we'd gained from our animal visit and study and each child created a animal of their choice with model magic. Using fine motor skills to pinch, pull and shape each piece of clay into unique animals. The children then water colored their animal and after further research they created a "habitat" for their animals to live in. This project approach has truly sparked wonderful interest and an understanding of taking care of our animals, their importance to our environment, and the children have a heighten awareness of their part in taking care of these habitats in the future. It has been a joy to watch animal activities emerge throughout the classroom and to hear the social interaction amongst the children.

January 26, 2014

Project Approach on Florida Animals

In anticipation of our visit from Busch Wildlife, the Elephant class took the opportunity to learn more about our neighboring animal community. First, implementing the web process, we needed to determine just what our class knew about Florida animals. Next the children decided which animal we should start investigating and turtles was the popular choice. 

After reading several factual and fun stories about turtles, the children created Turtle sun catchers. During this process, each child was able to use their fine motor and cognitive skills by painting, using one to one correspondence in counting stones and recognizing shapes needed to design their turtles. To further our study, Leander was kind enough to bring in his pet turtle, Hamlet, so the children could get a closer look at the turtles shell, shape, head and webbed feet. What would Florida be without alligators, so next the children had fun decorating with dot markers, buttons and classroom objects and of course triangle sharp teeth in making their own alligators. 

During center times, the children really enjoyed other ways to learn about Florida animals by working together to form a floor puzzle revealing birds of prey, using their imagination as they played with our beanie baby animals and they created unique habitats for their animals with magna tiles and legos.To welcome, Busch Wildlife friends to our One School, our class drew animals on a special banner and sponge painted animals on a box. Our Social Action Project to our guests was the box filled with donated papertowels to help them in their care for the animals.

January 17                 Birthday of the Trees

In honor of the Tu B' Shevat holiday, the elephant class has been celebrating all week learning about the importance of our trees, taking care of nature and learning to grow plants of our own.
The children have truly enjoyed learning all about seedlings, how to help them grow and what happens in the process.The first experience our little scientists began with was planting a bean seed in soil within a recycled CD case.  Each day the children have been observing any changes and then documenting the seeds growth.  Afterwards they draw an illustration of what they observed.  
Next we had fun using our fine motor skills to cloth the bodies of our recycled yogurt containers to become the bodies of our grass heads.  Each child placed grass seeds and soil within a stocking to create a round head shape and then created a face on it in anticipation for their "grass" hair to grow.  The children squealed with laughter at the thought of grass becoming hair on their friends.
And finally we planted parsley seeds so the children may watch their plant grow and hopefully share with their families during the upcoming Passover holiday.

December 3, 2013

Winter Experience with Mazel

Our class, being quite familiar with the Shabbat Puppy story, were very inquisitive about what snowflakes looked like and wondered how hot chocolate would taste. We learned in the book about the season of winter and the illustrator showed the children that it was cold and snowing where Mazel lives. When Mazel came for a visit, we decided to pretend it was winter in our class. Using their fine motor skills, each child folded paper and with scissors cut the corners and sides of the paper to make their own uniquely shaped snowflakes. Afterwards, we all got dressed in our winter gear and traveled with Mazel through the seasons of the story. Later on, the children invited Mazel to share in snack time and then each child had the opportunity to taste hot chocolate and whipped cream.

We had Mazel join us in the lighting of the sixth candle on the Hanukkiah.

November 14, 2013

Vegetable Soup 

Each child was asked to bring in a specific vegetable from their home to contribute to our vegetable pot. After reading our story, "How to Grow Vegetable Soup", each child shared and recognized the vegetables which they brought to class within the story. Then the class, as a community, worked together in cutting, snapping and peeling all our healthy ingredients. For hours, we could smell the yummy aroma and the children kept asking when we could eat it. Finally the soup was complete and with great anticipation and expectations, the children got to enjoy a bowl. "Yummy", "Look at all of these carrots", and "May I have some please?" were all great compliments to our Elephant chefs.

November 11, 2013              

The Elephants, Bears and Turtles Class Gather for the Pumpkin Explosion

The 3 year old children took our pumpkin fun to the outdoor class room.  We gathered around to watch the pumpkin.  It took three scientific ingredients to make the pumpkin explode like a volcano.  We added vinegar, baking soda and green food coloring.  Then we waited for the action.

Discovering Pumpkins

Using our five senses, the Elephant class began their study of pumpkins by feeling the surfaces of each, acknowledging that they felt "bumpy" and "rough". The children then observed that not all pumpkins are the same size or shape, so we then placed them in size order.

Then after reading our story "Mouse Paint", the children were asked to predict what color would appear if we mixed red and yellow. They were excited and surprised to see orange appear on their paper just like our pumpkin colors.

Next our scientists wanted to see what was inside of the pumpkin, so we cut it open to get a closer look. Each child had the opportunity to smell and feel inside. "It's yucky", "sticky" and "wow, there are lots of seeds in there" were some of their comments.

To continue our lesson, we then took out the seeds and after reading our "Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie" book, the children each planted some seeds so that we can observe their growth in class.

Finally the children created their own pumpkin books and were able to tell the story of the pumpkins growth in sequential order.

Leaf Man

October 24, 2013 

As part of our unit on Trees, we also studied the leaves.  The class discussed the many kinds of different leaves that had fallen from the trees.
Our little scientists looked under the magnifying glass to discover the different shapes, colors, sizes, lines, and stems that they could see. In the book Leaf Man, the leaves blow over houses, lakes, mountains and forests. As the children read and reread the story, they observed that the leaves formed into different shapes such as, turtles, fish, lizards and turkeys.  The children then chose the leaves which they wanted to use to form their own creations.

October 16, 2013                   

Discovering Nature's Alphabet
Continuing our project approach on Tree's and nature, the Elephant class learned a unique way to review our ABC's through nature. After discussing our book titled "Discovering Nature's Alphabet", we explained to the class that nature holds a special place where you can find hidden letters. Our exploration game began on our playground, where each child was asked to take a close look around to see if they could find the beginning letter in their name. 
Wow! Who could have imagined the excitement, curiosity and the smiles that your children had during this visual and cognitive skilled adventure. The children came from every direction shouting out their letter finds. Some of the class figured ways to create their letters using different textures such as twigs, grass and leaves. Our class truly did learn a lot about the shapes of their letters through this fun experience and we know this lesson will continue to evolve no matter where they visit to enjoy the outdoors in the future.

October 9, 2013

Discovering Trees

This week our class discovered the wonder of nature by taking a closer look at the trees that surround our school. On our nature walk, our class learned that there are many different types of trees all around us. Each child had the opportunity to feel the textures of each trunk, examine them with their magnifying glasses and compare the differences in their leaves. The children observed some trees had coconuts, others big roots to climb on and we even found sap upon the bark of another. One tree was so big we decided to measure around it by holding hands to see how many of us it would take to give it a big tree hug.

Afterwards, the children had fun in the Atelier room, where they worked together as a team to create their own special tree. Laughter filled the room as each child squished paint between their fingers and smeared the colors together. Some children decided to make hand prints while others were content to make designs and finger streaks in the paint. Take a look at our wonderful messy hands, Yeah!

October 1, 2013

Ready, Set, Grow

Here is my garden,
I'll rake it with care.
Here are some seeds
That I will plant there, 
The sun will shine,
And the rain will fall,
And my garden will grow
Tall, tall, tall, tall, tall!
A special thank you to Ms. Stacy from the public library today for visiting the Elephants and sharing her language enriched stories about garden tools, planting seeds and making vegetable soup.

Five Senses in Science

The Elephant class had a special visit this week from Ms. Nikki at High Touch/High Tech Science. Each child learned how to discover, explore and experiment by using their five senses just like real scientists. They began their study by using their magnifying glasses (sight) to take a closer view of objects, such as sea coral, volcanic rock, crystals and insects. Upon further examination the children described to us how that object felt (touch) while in their hands. "This is bumpy", "It's rough on top of this stone", and "How can this rock be so soft?" were some of their comments. The children then moved into the laboratory (class table) and learned that when using two safe chemicals, such as baking soda and vinegar, you can make a gas which will create a reaction when placed together. Some of the class questioned "What will happen?", some noted "that vinegar stuff  is stinky (smell)", and upon observance stated "Look I can see and hear (hearing) bubbles in there." Then using a balloon on top of a flask, Ms. Nikki combined the chemicals together and the balloon began to rise. With eyes wide open, squeals of excitement encompassed the room. "That's Cool", says it all.

"It's Shofar Time"

  The children learned all about the Shofar and how we use it to announce the New Year. The children were fascinated to find out that the real shofar is made from a Rams horn. To celebrate, we decided to make our own shofars out of recycled cereal boxes. Each child using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination used yarn to lace together the cardboard pieces. After that the Elephant class marched around the playground tooting our pretend shofars. We took the lesson one step further by painting the shape of the shofar while taking in the outdoors.


 A Happy New Year

Our Elephant class is having so much fun playing and meeting new friends. Today we continued  learning about our upcoming holiday Rosh Hashanah, apples and honey. The children enjoyed stories about the holiday and it's traditions. Then using their fine motor skills, they tore tissue paper and using glue created their own apple and honey dishes. Next we had an apple tasting session and after each munch of three different colored apples, each child told us which one they liked the best. We charted our results in class and red was the winner. This morning with Mr. Brett, the children had fun singing, dancing and learning sign language to Rosh Hashanah music. Mr. Brett blew the shofar so all of the children could hear it's sound and they shouted Happy New Year to our school family. Later on,  after reading the story, We All Fall for Apples, the children were excited to discover  that an apple can be used to make some many yummy foods. Afterwards, the class shared some time with the Bear class and we all worked together to make yummy applesauce.


May 22, 2013  Can you say METAMORPHSIS?

After feeding our very hungry little caterpillar for seven days, he wasn't hungry anymore.  Now he was a big fat caterpillar.  The caterpillar will now go into a small house called a "cocoon."


The children are making the catepillars home, the "cocoon".

He will stay inside the cocoon for two weeks.

The caterpillars stayed in their own painted cocoons on the tree, while they went through the process of "Metamorphosis".


Imagine waking up from a deep sleep and discovering that you have changed shape and color.


And now you have beautiful colored wings.


Behind Ashlyn is the calendar of days we checked off for two weeks.  We also practiced learning the days of the week.




The children were excited to see what their "butterflies" can do with their wings.


Let's see what they can do outdoors!!!




Mad Science   -    Exploring Dinosaur Bones

May 14, 2013

Ms Michelle from Mad Science came with her stuffed "Triceratop".

The children passed around a real tooth of the dinasour for the children to feel.

The children are exploring for dinosaur bones just like real "paleontologist."

They used special brushes to wipe off their "findings"

Each child works with his parnters to discover as many "bones" as possible

After all their discoveries each child took home a dinosaur tooth.



April 26 - Spring, the Garden and Flowers

Today we read The Twelve Days of Springtime  ,a school counting  book.

Bryce is smelling dried  flowers from a Marigold plant.

We went outside to explore our own outdoor garden.

Bryce is using her nose to take in the fragrance of the flowers.

The children help our garden grow.

Then we got to work painting our very own flowers.

The children are really enjoying easel painting outside.  This is great for their upper bodies as well as their hand eye coordination.

  April 25  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

After reading Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the class discussed the book.  We learned that a caterpillar has to eat and eat in order to grow.  So this caterpillar starts with healthy food, apple, plum, orange, pear and strawberries.  Then he eats a lot of junk as well as watermelon.  The children are going to have the same snack as the caterpillar for the five days of healthy food.  Then we will observe the caterpillars we made. When they enter the cocoon stage, we will place them in their own cocoons on the tree in our room.  The caterpillar will transform, the process of metamorphis" into an amazing butterfly.

Bryce is measuring with a ruler her clothespin caterpillar.

Danielle is showing the teacher which is the biggest pom pom and which is the smallest.

We prepared the first snack of the apples in the shape of the caterpillar.

At snack the children are pretending to feed their very own caterpillar.

Samuel is making a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" necklace from beads.  He is using his fine motor skills to string the necklace. 

Brittney counts out one red and six green beads.

Ella shows us her finished necklace she is wearing.

Week of the Young Child    April 17, 2013

The purpose of the Week of the Young Child is to focus public attention to the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet their needs.

                                          Dr. Seuss

The children have been excited all week to explore Dr. Seuss and friends.

The children work together on the rug to put together the large floor puzzle.

Doing puzzles work the spatial relations in the brain .

After reading the Cat in the Hat, we learned the AT family word group

See how excited they are!!!

Danielle is writing the sight word and reading them to the teacher

Not only are we reading the AT family sight words we are writing them too

Look at them now!!!  We are very proud of them!!

All of these skills are pre-reading and math skills.

 April 4, 2013     Look at us now!!!!!

The Elephant class took advantage of the beautiful Florida Day

Brittney is on the log balance beam 

This is form of balancing is called "Dynamic."

"Dynamic balance" refers to moving across a balance beam.

Look how high I can jump now.

Jumping is a feel good activity.

It awakens the body and the brain.

Balancing makes Aden smile

Danielle soars through the air.

Jumping improves your child's attention span.

Jumping is an activity we can do with our friends.


Wednesday, March  20 

                      Getting Ready For the Mock Seder

The Elephant class is practicing how to jump like frogs.

Pharaoh is telling them I will not let you go.

Moses and Pharaoh join together for one moment of peaceful  negotiating.

The children are lending helping hands

This slave brought her Grandma to the mock Seder.

These slaves are getting ready for the Seder.

Brittney meets up with Pharaoh.

The slaves are still smiling.

Danielle brings her family to sing at the Seder

The children are singing  "Baby Moses".

                 Mad Science         March 12, 2013

In Mad Science today we explored the topic of Measurement!

In Mad Science this week we learned how we can measure.

                                                First we used a balance scale to weigh objects.
      Ms. Michelle asked the question, which one is greater? 5 golf balls or 10 balls?

                                     For our next measurement experiment we explored the "ruler".
                                   We learned how to measure a ribbon cut in different lengths.

Samuel was very interested in measuring the size of his foot with the  12 inch ruler.


 February 29, 2013  Our Picnic In the Garden

Today we went to the garden to have a class picnic. We brought our pizza, water, fruit snacks and lunch boxes.  We all sat together to hear the book Peace by Todd Parr.  

                                 The story describes a new way to find "Peace" on every page.
                             This page reads "Peace is having enough pizza in the world for everyone."

                                            The Elephant class enjoyed their "Pizza Picnic".

                          We used our large motor skills to run, jump and explore the garden after lunch.

                        In  house keeping today the children emulated the picnic in the classroom..

Look for more pictures outside on our bulletin board. 

February 26, 2013

Watching our Avocado Grow

The Elephant class has been watching an avocado grow for the past two months.  It was in a plastic cup so we could view the growth of the roots from the bottom..  We saw it sprout leaves from the top as well.  Today we replanted it in the earth.
                                      We took a trip down to the Temple Rock Garden today.
                                     Jaden brought the avocado that everyone helped to plant.

                            We dug a hole in the rich soil that is full of nutrients for the plant to grow.

                                      The children all helped with the digging of the large hole.
                 They each drew a picture documenting the beginning of the avocado being placed in the soil.

Ella explores her sun catcher outside to catch some sun light.

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