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Early Childhood Center-School Year 2016-2017

"Play is the highest expression of human development."
Welcome to The One School At Temple Beth Am, Celebrating the Whole Child. We understand and respect that every child is essentially, ‘the one.’ Every child is unique. The specifics of how we nurture and grow each child are dependent entirely upon the needs of the child. This is how we celebrate each child - by engaging him or her at his or her point of need. The One School partners with every parent to ensure every child is championed and educated as an individual.

The One School is a NAEYC Accredited, Reggio Emilia Nature-inspired school, serving ages 18 months to five years. The One School offers certified teachers, a low student/teacher ratio, an emergent creative curriculum and specialty areas of study including science, art, music, foreign language and nature study. The One School’s curricula are supplemented by young family programs and parenting workshops, an infant and toddler program, Family Center, Summer Camp, after school enrichment classes and an active and instrumental Parent Teacher Organization. A commitment to contribute to the community and the world at large is also a part of the school’s social justice philosophy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

“Humor is Scholarly”

"Laughter, silliness, and playfulness can help to make your interactions with children powerful.

Humor extends learning in many ways.  First, humor is play for the brain.  It makes the brain work in new ways.  Humor often involves playing with language....  Through humor, children can develop phonological awareness and add words to their vocabularies.  As children learn to use humor to interact with others, they are learning a lifelong social skill....

Seek out playful moments with your child.  Follow a child's lead or be the leader.  When a child laughs, find out what is tickling her funny bone and join the fun.  Once you know what makes each child laugh, you'll be able to have humorous interactions that will surely get a giggle."  From Exchange.com

Temple Beth Am camp celebrates Mud Day on Friday, June 29th, with
laughter, silliness and playfulness!!!


Join the Nature Action Collaborative for Children and the World Forum community by celebrating Mud Day.

Read for more information!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

“Artist for the Day” Ms. Robin

As camp began, we have done a study of our ocean by reading books, identifying animals and fish found in the ocean, as well as talking about swimming in our Jupiter beaches.  As our study developed, Robin, our artist for the day, helped the children to envision what is under our ocean. The mural that they have created is a culmination of creatures made by each class and will be displayed in the hallway for everyone to see and enjoy.  We take pride in making this group mural to represent our camp as a community, just like the creatures of the sea.
We had a visit from a special guest “Artist,” who worked with each group on making a mural, entitled, “Under the Sea.”  Every group will have a part in making this very special artwork, and once it is completed, it will be displayed in our camp hallway for everyone to see.

Week 1 “Let the Sunshine In"

 It’s certainly time to “Let the Sunshine In,” as Temple Beth Am’s summer camp started this week, and excitement is abounding in the air!!
Our theme this week is “Sports and Art Galore.”  Campers were immediately involved in decorating their own camp bags so everyone will have something to bring a change of clothes in on days when we have water play.
We made megaphones so we can cheer for our teammates and friends when we play sports and have relay races.  Miss Stacey from the public library visited us on Tuesday morning and read us some great books about sports and good sportsmanship.  What a way to get us all in the camp spirit!  All of the books are at the library, so if you would like to read these books at home, here’s what we read:
Crocodiles Play! By Robert Heidbreder
Who Plays This Sport! By Charles Reasoner
Play Ball with Me by Lynn Reiser
World Team by Tim Vyner
The Guppy, Seahorse, Whale and Seashell groups all enjoyed an obstacle course with Ms. Yael, while our older campers, the Dolphins, finished a more challenging course with Chris from My Gym.  Everyone had fun and learned that working together helps us reach our goal!

As is our tradition, we welcomed Shabbat on Friday in the sanctuary, with special guest David Sherman.

Our first camp week finished with making camp banners, a teamwork pep rally and a visit from the bounce house.  We had a great week filled with fun, but also discovered a lot about TEAMWORK!  Here is a thought about what we all learned:

“Encouraging teamwork in the early years improves communication skills and allows students to learn about different roles.  When young children work as a team, they hone their social skills, develop perseverance and learn the importance of working together. Team building also reinforces the notion that everyone has value and worth. The end result is a positive learning environment.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp Blast

Friendship was the focus as the campers “blasted off” for a summer of fun. The campers first introduced themselves to each other by making Friendship Pudding. Each had a turn to shake a closed bowl of chocolate pudding ingredients while telling the group something special about herself. The resulting pudding was an extra delicious treat for all our chaverim (friends), old and new! The campers next made friendship beads out of flour and salt baker’s clay.

They decorated the beads during the week and exchanged them with each other on Friday. Each camper then made their own keepsake bracelet with beads made by her fellow campers. Other exciting friendship activities included creating treasure chest collages with Ms. Robin, our visiting artist, for a camp “Friends are Treasures” display, and designing a collaborative friendship map. Other highlights of the week were soccer, My Gym, impromptu puppet shows, silly balloon games and relays, science experiments on the sense of taste, and a special Shabbat celebration with David Sherman, Director of Temple Beth Am Religious School