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Early Childhood Center-School Year 2016-2017

"Play is the highest expression of human development."
Welcome to The One School At Temple Beth Am, Celebrating the Whole Child. We understand and respect that every child is essentially, ‘the one.’ Every child is unique. The specifics of how we nurture and grow each child are dependent entirely upon the needs of the child. This is how we celebrate each child - by engaging him or her at his or her point of need. The One School partners with every parent to ensure every child is championed and educated as an individual.

The One School is a NAEYC Accredited, Reggio Emilia Nature-inspired school, serving ages 18 months to five years. The One School offers certified teachers, a low student/teacher ratio, an emergent creative curriculum and specialty areas of study including science, art, music, foreign language and nature study. The One School’s curricula are supplemented by young family programs and parenting workshops, an infant and toddler program, Family Center, Summer Camp, after school enrichment classes and an active and instrumental Parent Teacher Organization. A commitment to contribute to the community and the world at large is also a part of the school’s social justice philosophy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 year olds Pumpkin Experiment

     Our 3 year olds are experimenting making a volcano in a pumpkin.  OOEY COOEY GREEN SLIM  came out of our pumpkin!  An amazing experiment!

Project Approach- Fire Safety- our 2's project

You may have heard about the wonderful lessons taught in the 2 year old program and gradual separation classes if you have a child in these classes. But I would like to share with the rest of the school how we can extended the learning about fire safety for our youngest children in the school. The two year old classes decided to introduce the concept of fire safety using the project approach. The staff in these classes created a web to give direction as to where the topic might lead. Classes explored the dress of fireman ,the actual fire truck and hydrant, the noises of the trucks, and fire safety as well as fire itself.

Each class explored this unit in different ways and here are some photos

Thank you for all the birthday wishes

I would like to thank my staff and co-workers for the great birthday celebrations. Flowers, cards, birthday wishes on my door and a fabulous cake to share with everybody.  One really feels part of a community when one acknowledges your birthday.  Parents -thank you also for the birthday wishes on facebook and in the hallway!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Set Limits Without Guilt- Conscious Discipline class

Ginny Luther, a specialist on Conscious discipline helped parents to understand how to set limits without gullt. It is a fact that we discipline our children how we were disciplined as children. Most of us were raised on fear-based discipline. We rely on guilt or anger to manage our children making our children responsible for the way we feel in a moment of conflict. The end result is that we end up teaching behaviors we are trying to eliminate. As parents we cannot be passive in our discipline style; we cannot ask our children to behave. We also cannot be aggressive and seek to blame or over power.

                                                         Ginny Luther and Yael Lawrence

We must be assertive which allows us to have the voice that others will listen to! Focus on the behavior you want, not what you don’t want. Give children positive choices!  Those that attended also got to dance a little to relieve a little stress! Thank you to Yael Lawrence for bringing this parenting class to Temple Beth Am.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is Coming and Fall is Present In North Carolina

Did you see Paula last week on Thursday and Friday.  Well she was busy collecting fall leaves for our Fall day on Friday, November 2nd.  Make sure you walk your child in on this date as our preschool will be a fall experience in our hallway.  Don't miss it!!!

Fall Colors in North Carolina taken yesterday

Happy Birthday to our October Staff members

Ms Rhea, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Paula

Ginny Luther "Setting Limits that Kids Will Listen To"

Don't miss this great opportunity to hear Ginny Luther, a dynamic and capitivating speakter, spcializing in Dr. Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline and Brain Smart Strategies. You will learn strategies to effectively discipline and resolve every day conflicts. Please respond by Tuesday, October 23rd.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teachers attend Flaeyc Conference-Professional Development Weekend

   15 staff from our own preschool attended the Flaeyc conference in Orlando!
       Florida Association for the Education of Young Children is associated with our
            Naeyc affliation.  Teachers tooks classes on curriculum with emphasis on science,
      math, literacy, and music.  Teachers had the opportunity to take classes about
                    the effects of Media on young children.  We came back invigorated and ready to 
share our knowledge with our school and children. 
                                   Teachers- Kol Hakovad- Job Well Done!                            

Yummy in My Yummy

                                Our Shining Stars really enjoy our Yummy and the Tummy Meals
Try one- the salads are really big and delicious!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Soap

 Our own preschool naturalist, Rachel Goldman, visited our 4 year olds classes this week, beginning our year long quest to bring education and hands on learning about the environment and the natural world into our classrooms. Today’s experiment, creating soap by combining elements found in nature, like glycerin, and pure scents like lemon, mint and rosemary, allowed our preschoolers to comprehend that there are many things surrounding us that are used for more than one purpose. In their usual inquisitive style, they had an conducted and interactive experiment along with which came the understanding of concepts of physical science and basic chemistry. See pictures below

Putting lemon zest into the gyclerin!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Camp Shabbat

Come join us for an  informal “Camp-like” high energy, casual sing-a-long session in the round; featuring Todd Herzog, and our own Cantor Tanya on Friday, October 12 at 5:30pm.  This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a program specifically for families with children ages birth to 8 years.  Come giggle and sway with us as we sing some of our favorite Shabbat tunes.  Following the sing-a-long, there will be “camp-style” refreshments and a make-and-take camp craft project for everyone!  Don't miss this great night!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Simchat Torah Celebration at Shabbat

On Simchat Torah, we celebrate the cycle of the Torah.  We read the very last passages of the Torah, and then roll back to the very beginning, and begin to read the Torah all over again. At our morning Shabbat, we took the Torah out and had a flag parade, as we honored the Torah. Rabbi Alon told our children that the stories in the Torah helps us to be good . We should be good to our parents, teachers, and friends.  We are also commanded to celebrate Shabbat!

The Birthday boys bless the wine!

World Smile Day

On this day we call upon people around the globe to be thoughtful of others and use the power of smile and a kind act to make a small difference in the world in which we live.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Celebration of Literacy Week

Anne Lyons, the Assistant Town Manager of Jupiter came to our school to read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad.  Thousands of Childcare providers,parents, and other adults across the country read this book today to support early childhood literacy!

Sukkot Celebration- October 3rd

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Fair- October 3rd through October 11th

This week is literacy week in Palm Beach County.  A perfect week to begin our Book Fair sponsored by our PTO.  This morning our families enjoyed a breakfast in the morning and our book fair was officially opened for children to browse and buy books. Thank you to the PTO for sponsoring the book fair

                                                   We wore our pajamas to school
                                                   Buying books

                                                         Baughman Family all came to help
                                                         " I love my new book!"
                                                    Picking books for our classroom
                                                     Breakfast!  yummy yummy!
                                             Thank you Amanda for chairing the bookfair!

                                         Reading books in our pajamas at school!