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"Play is the highest expression of human development."
Welcome to The One School At Temple Beth Am, Celebrating the Whole Child. We understand and respect that every child is essentially, ‘the one.’ Every child is unique. The specifics of how we nurture and grow each child are dependent entirely upon the needs of the child. This is how we celebrate each child - by engaging him or her at his or her point of need. The One School partners with every parent to ensure every child is championed and educated as an individual.

The One School is a NAEYC Accredited, Reggio Emilia Nature-inspired school, serving ages 18 months to five years. The One School offers certified teachers, a low student/teacher ratio, an emergent creative curriculum and specialty areas of study including science, art, music, foreign language and nature study. The One School’s curricula are supplemented by young family programs and parenting workshops, an infant and toddler program, Family Center, Summer Camp, after school enrichment classes and an active and instrumental Parent Teacher Organization. A commitment to contribute to the community and the world at large is also a part of the school’s social justice philosophy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Pre-k Nature Adventure Field Trip

Our pre-k classed enjoyed a field trip at our local
Indian Creek Park.  We had a wonderful nature adventure

We had music with Mr. Brett at the park

             This was our the scavenger hunt!      As you are walking through the park, notice all of the beautiful nature around you.  Please collect as many interesting things that will fit into your brown bag.  These items will be taken back to the classroom to be observed and used for a special activity.
o   Find your favorite tree and give it a hug J
o   Pick a leaf or two from the tree and do a leaf rubbing.
o   Skip from the tree to the bridge.
o   Stop at the beginning of the bridge and take a deep breath!
o   Walk onto the bridge.  While on the bridge, look down and see if you notice anything swimming in the water!
o   Make up a special nature prayer.
o   Draw your favorite living thing at the park.
o   Have funJ

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