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Early Childhood Center-School Year 2016-2017

"Play is the highest expression of human development."
Welcome to The One School At Temple Beth Am, Celebrating the Whole Child. We understand and respect that every child is essentially, ‘the one.’ Every child is unique. The specifics of how we nurture and grow each child are dependent entirely upon the needs of the child. This is how we celebrate each child - by engaging him or her at his or her point of need. The One School partners with every parent to ensure every child is championed and educated as an individual.

The One School is a NAEYC Accredited, Reggio Emilia Nature-inspired school, serving ages 18 months to five years. The One School offers certified teachers, a low student/teacher ratio, an emergent creative curriculum and specialty areas of study including science, art, music, foreign language and nature study. The One School’s curricula are supplemented by young family programs and parenting workshops, an infant and toddler program, Family Center, Summer Camp, after school enrichment classes and an active and instrumental Parent Teacher Organization. A commitment to contribute to the community and the world at large is also a part of the school’s social justice philosophy.


September 26, 2017

                               Thinking Outside the Box

Our dragonflies this year love to climb and crawl under things so we decided to incorporate art into that! They climbed  and crawled and drew with markers under the table! What a fun, emergent experience!

April 6th, 2017

Going on a Chametz Hunt

As Passover approaches, the Dragonflies have been setting up the room to celebrate. They've decorated frogs, set the seder table, and helped put out our Passover books. The last thing we had to do before Passover begins on Monday night is rid the room of chametz, or the foods we do not eat during Passover (leavened bread such as cookies, pasta, bagels, bread, pizza, etc). We took out all of our food in the kitchen and packed the chametz away for the duration of Passover, putting in food we do eat instead (fruits, vegetables, cheese, rice and beans, matzo balls).

Of course, the Dragonflies also made sure to ask if their favorite treat is okay for Passover - they were relieved to find out we can still eat gummies!

February 6th, 2017

Trees Are Blowing in the Wind

Tu B'Shevat is the Jewish New Year for trees - we celebrate trees for their importance in our lives with such traditions as seders, a meal of fruits and nuts said with blessings. To learn about trees, the Dragonflies went out right to the source to explore them.

We found coconut trees and learned that fruits we can eat grow on the trees. We touched the bark and felt that it was rough, and that it protects the tree. We listened to squirrels chirping and birds singing in the trees as well!

January 23rd, 2017

Rock, Rock, Rock Your Boat

As we continue to learn about transportation, we visited Ms. Yael for Body Science and an exploration of boats and the way they move on water. After our stretches, Ms. Yael taught us how we can use our bodies to row, and then rock, our boats.

We rowed our boats out to open water, where we made huge waves that rocked out boat.

The Dragonflies had a chance to jump in the water and swim around, too.

We finished off our deep sea boat ride with a swim together under the waves.

Ms. Yael's class helped us understand boats and movement better - how boats can be rowed or driven, how the rock on the water and move us out into deeper water, and how we can use them to go fishing or swimming!

October 28th, 2016

Peace Begins With Me

Ms. Stephanie came to teach us about yoga! Not only does yoga help us stretch and got some extra energy out of our bodies, but Ms. Stephanie also showed us how to relax when we are sad, angry, or scared.

Ms. Stephanie showed us how to take deep breaths when we are upset to help us calm our bodies. We got to "blow up" her rainbow ball as we breathed!

Ms. Stephanie also showed us so funny moves like downward dog and upward dog to help us stretch our tummies, backs, and legs.

We loved doing yoga and are so excited for Ms. Stephanie to come back!

October 17th, 2016

To The Sukkah We Will Go

The holiday of Sukkot celebrates the Israelites time spent in the desert, as well as celebrating the fall harvest time. A sukkah is a three-sided building that recreates the desert tents the Israelites lived in after the Exodus; Sukkot means "a festival of booths." When we visit the sukkah, we shake the lulav and etrog, traditional flora from Israel.

Traditionally, people eat and even sleep in the Sukkah. The Dragonflies loved running around inside. Later, we will add our own decorations to the Sukkah!

October 11th, 2016

Let's Take a Walk

As the weather cools (and it rains less...), we've headed outdoors to enjoy the oncoming fall weather. Luckily, the building is surrounded by a number of fields that are filled with trees and flowers for the Dragonflies to explore.

We even had Shabbat outside with the Bumblebees.

As Sukkot approaches, our nature walks will include visiting the sukkah!

September 23rd, 2016

Maybe There's An Apple In There...

With Rosh Hashana fast approaching, this week we learned all about apples. 

The Dragonflies created their own orchard with trees and handmade apples. They explored the apples in our room, holding them, feeling them, and smelling them before creating their own visions of the apples.

We cut the apple open and looked inside. There were seeds! The Dragonflies felt the wet slices and smelled it - it smelled sweet! We talked about what we eat with apples - apple pie, apple sauce, or apples and honey.

We are so excited for a sweet New Year!

September 7th and 8th, 2016

The Color Green

     The Palm Beach County Library provides schools around the area with a variety of "library kits" of various themes. In preparation of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, we began our exploration of the themes of the holiday by learning about the color green (apples, such as a green apples, are traditionally eaten symbolize a sweet New Year). The kit includes books, felt finger-play puppets, and songs to sing; we added to the experience with painting and a scavenger hunt.

"Five Little Frogs" is one of the Dragonflies' favorite Raffi songs - they loved holding the soft felt frogs and making them jump off the log into the pool.

The Dragonflies experimented with making the color green our of watercolors. They used pipettes to squeeze the colors on to their paper, creating green with the colors. Pipettes help develop fine motor muscles that control grip.

Easel painting is more than just art - while the Dragonflies were mixing blue and yellow paint to make green, their brains were working hard on their feet. Easel painting works different areas of the brain from painting at a table - easel painting promotes problem solving skills and brain development as a child works out how to paint in an upright position, including how to move their bodies to paint around the canvas.

Scavenger hunts develop sorting and critical thinking skills, the foundation of math. The Dragonflies had to differentiate between non-green and green items to bring to our green bin - their first experience with discrete math!

August 25th, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away

     Of course, it wouldn't be summer in Florida without quickly oncoming thunderstorms. The Dragonflies dashed inside when we heard thunder in the distance, and they began to ask "what is that sound?" and "why is there thunder?" One part of being a Reggio Emilia-inspired school is following the children's thought process to determine what we are doing in class, even if that means we go off of the lesson plan. When the Dragonflies began discussing thunderstorms and the sounds they make, we brought out the bubble wrap to make our own noise.

The bubble wrap became the Dragonflies own science experiment - did the bubble wrap make louder sounds than the thunder outside? Was the sound of the popping different or similar to the sound of the thunder? Each Dragonfly had their own ideas and observations about the variety of noises we were hearing.

Though the bubble wrap was fun, we still sang "Rain, Rain, Go Away" all afternoon, because there's nothing more that the Dragonflies loves than being outside!

August 18th, 2016

New Year, New Beginnings

The Dragonflies Class has been having a super exciting week! We've been having fun getting to know one another and our classroom. From finger-painting to drum circles, we're exploring a new year together!

April 20th, 2016

Happy Passover!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated! The Dragonflies were so happy to have their families come and see the songs and decorations they prepared!

April 11th - 15th, 2016

Week of the Young Child

Week of the Young Child celebrates the many facets of early childhood learning. During the week, each day is dedicated to a unique part of early childhood curriculum, exploring the theme in a variety of ways to really explore and learn about it.

Music Monday
Music plays an important part in promoting brain development, particularly executive functioning. Executive functioning helps form such areas as problem-solving, focus, and the ability to switch from task to task. As children listen to and create music, their brain works on recognizing patterns, themes, sounds, and rhythms, all which promote the brain to work and grow.

Taco Tuesday
Children learn eating habits for life at an early age. Providing children with conversations about healthy foods helps them develop a better relationship with how they eat now. Giving children the ability to pick their own toppings helps them feel in control and confident about what they are eating, leading them to want to eat what's on their plate. Allowing children to decide what they eat and how much (never insisting they eat more, etc) facilitates this healthy relationship.

Work-Together Wednesday
Social development is a major milestone for toddlers. Working together helps them develop friendships, as well as problem-solving and emotional skills through sharing, solving disagreements, and exploring which ways work when asking to have a turn, to have someone stop, or in coordinated, make-believe play. Group activities specifically have their brains think about the "big picture", including others' perspectives.

Artsy Thursday
Free art is a great exercise in personal expression and fine motor development. Painting and gluing helps children work on grip and form pre-writing capabilities. Art is also a medium for imaginative thought - as children grow, their pictures begin to show more details and thought, and when asked, the stories become more complex, illustrating the growing attention to detail and the ability to think of original ideas.

Family Friday
Families are the center of children's learning. Every family has their own distinct culture - a culture that forms all the ideas and understanding a child will possess for their life, including the way the see the world. Though Friday is dedicated to learning about our unique families, every day is really Family Friday!

March 9th, 2016

Busch Wildlife

Busch Wildlife came to visit us at school! The Dragonflies were so excited to see what animals were coming. We asked the class what animals they thought might be coming and they said "a lion", "an elephant", and "an alligator!"

Everyone was so brave! They touched an alligator...

...a tortoise...

...a skunk...

...and a snake...

We also got to meet a barn owl and see her long talons!

February 9, 2016

Exploring Pets

January 12th, 2016

New Year for the Trees, Too

As the year changes, we celebrate Tu B'Shevat. Tu B'Shevat literally means 15th of Shevat, a Jewish month that falls between January and February. It celebrates new beginnings for tree harvest - a new year. To explore Tu B'Shevat, we started discussing seeds, planting, and growing!

The school received seed papers from the Water District of Palm Beach County - these little papers already had the seeds inside! The class said they looked like little sprinkles. 

The instructions said to soak the paper overnight. Everyone had a chance to squeeze a pipette to water the paper (great for working those fine motor skills!)

After the paper was soaked, the class wanted to touch it. They said "ew! it feels slippery!" and giggled while they poked it.

Tu B'Shevat is a great time for children to explore how things grow, and to incorporate ideas like reusing materials and taking care of the Earth. We're so excited to see what the Dragonflies learn over the next few weeks as we build trees, water our plants, and celebrate the holiday!

December 20th, 2015

The End of the Year

All month we learned about Chanukah - in every way imaginable!

We painted with dreidls:

Spun the dreidls:

Counted candles:

Made our own dreidls:

Tasted latkes:

Danced around:

And celebrated with our families:

Holidays are a wonderful time to let children learn in many different ways: through tasting special food, experiencing special music and dances, creating art with new mediums, hearing new stories, and, of course, celebrating with their families! Thank you all for enjoying the holiday season with us!

December 1st, 2015

Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah...

The Dragonfly class was so surprised to come back to school and learn we have another holiday right around the corner; Chanukah is here! The room was decorated after break, so when the Dragonflies came in, they had so many things to explore: chanukiahs, dreidls, gelt, and magen davids.

Chanukah might be a minor Jewish holiday compared to Rosh Hashana or Passover, but it's still a great time to teach children about miracles, spending time with friends and family, and, of course, having a fun party with games and chocolate and gift-giving!

November 24th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Hooray Hooray Hooray!

November 2nd, 2015

What's Inside a Pumpkin?

Is it a car? Bumblebees? A cake? The Dragonfly class experimented to find out!

In the first part of our scientific experiment, we explored our question: what's inside of the pumpkins in our class? Everyone took a turn giving their hypothesis.

Then we split it open and looked inside. There were seeds, just like we had planted in the garden! Everyone felt the squishy, gooey seeds and fruit inside the pumpkin.

We took turns smelling it and Ira said "it's orange!"

October 26th, 2015

Planting New Seeds

Our garden has been growing thanks to the help of Ms. Kerrie! She's been working so hard, so asked the Dragonflies if they could help her plant some seeds!

Each Dragonfly added flower seeds to the soil - Ms. Kerrie said she'd keep an eye on them and invite us back to help take care of them when they start to grow!

October 20th, 2015

Someone Special Is Coming...

Sometimes it's not just Ms. Syndee or Ms. Caitlin reading to the Dragonflies; we've already have a visit from a librarian and a community member for our story time. This week, we had a more familiar face, however.

Ira's older brother Ojas stopped by to read to us! Ojas came back to his old school to read one of his favorite books, Hop on Pop. He did such a great job reading to us. Then, Ira's mommy read us a super silly book that had all of the Dragonflies laughing.

Ira was so excited to share her family with the rest of the class. Thank you, Ojas and Madhura!

October 12th, 2015

Exploring the Garden

Now that the weather has gotten a little cooler as Fall kicks in, the Dragonflies have started noticing the changes going on around them. On the playground, they are constantly pointing out the very first leaves that are falling or little acorns they find. Today, we took a nice long walk out to the newly cleared garden to see the little plants budding!

Ms. Kerrie told us these little plants will soon be cucumbers and tomatoes. We talked about how seeds are planted in the dirt and grow into big plants with sun and water. Planting is a great science experiment for children to participate in, so Ms. Kerrie said we can plant something in the garden too!

The Dragonflies loved exploring the other parts of the garden, too. The garden is a full sensory experience - they smelled the herbs growing and also the new dirt Ms. Kerrie was putting in (they all agreed it was 'stinky'), pointed out the colors of the flowers and plants growing, and climbed over the bridge. We are looking forward to planting our own seeds and visiting the again as it grows!

October 7th, 2015

Simchat Torah!

Simchat Torah is the last major Jewish holiday in Fall. It celebrates the Torah itself - simchat derives from simcha, which means celebration; things like weddings and bar or bat mitzvahs are simchas too. To celebrate the Torah, we threw our own party.

It is tradition to celebrate the Torah on Simchat Torah with dancing and singing, like any other party. Children are encouraged to dance, laugh, and be loud to celebrate as well. We danced around the room to our Simchat Torah songs like 'Torah, Torah'.

Another tradition is for children to wave flags during the celebration. Everyone pressed in the big Magen David (Star of David) stamp and pushed it down with two hands. Then we added sticks and waved them down the hall as we walked to music with Mr. Brett for our Simchat Torah party!

September 29th, 2015

Visit from Community Members

The Dragonflies loves story time! Last week, Ms. Stacy from the library came to read to us. This week, we had a visit from the temple.

Ms. KC is a temple member who wanted to come spend time with us by reading us a book. She read "If You Give a Dog a Doughnut" and pointed out all the funny pictures in the book.

We always welcome visitors to the class to read or come talk to us!

September 22nd, 2015

What Lives In An Egg?

We had a very special visit - Hi Touch Hi Tech! Hi Touch Hi Tech is a kid-friendly, accessible traveling science class. We saw eggs, feathers, and nests and had to guess what we were learning about today: it was birds!

We worked on our fine motor skills by picking up nests materials with our chopstick beaks, and got to touch eggs and feathers with our hands.

We learned about downy feathers and experimented with them to see how they protected us from the cold ice birds might experience in the Arctic!

We loved learning about birds and can't wait for our next science class!

September 15th, 2015

I Was So Mad!

As part of learning about Yom Kippur, the Dragonflies have been learning about feelings and feeling words, a integral part of the two year old curriculum.  Though Yom Kippur is a great time to teach children about how, when, and why we might say sorry, we talked about many different things we might feel. We read "The Feelings Book" and "I Was So Mad!" to show all types of different feelings, then we practiced making our silly, happy, sad, and angry faces to one another. We finished with dancing "Shake My Sillies Out!".

Providing children with feeling words and sentences helps motivate them to use those words instead of their bodies when they need to communicate. The Dragonflies talked about saying things like "stop, that hurts me!", "I need space!", or "I don't like that!" as options to choose from instead of using unsafe bodies. We also talked about how sometimes accidents occur, feeling are hurt or boo boos happen, and we can say "I'm sorry" to help someone feel better.

September 9th, 2015

Let's Make Sounds like a Shofar!
After we listened to Mr. Brett blow the shofar, the Dragonflies wanted to blow their own shofars!

August 25th, 2015
Our First Music Class!

We visited Mr. Brett, the music director for Temple Beth Am, for the first time!

Music is a great way for the Dragonflies to socialize with all the Twos classes,  to learn new songs, and to dance. Mr. Brett will teach Dragonflies songs about holidays such as Rosh Hashana and Thanksgiving, but also knows tons of songs that help us learn body parts, feelings, and our colors and letters!

August 23rd, 2015
Red Scavenger Hunt

Children learn about the world many ways - they take in everything they see, hear, and experience and use that to form how they see the world. Though they seemingly hear everything we say and do (and often repeat it!), sometimes moving learning to a hands-on experience helps them process new ideas in a more concrete fashion.

Instead of just showing the Dragonflies something red, we asked them to find something to show us! They searched high and low through all the centers and everyone brought something back to the table for our red scavenger hunt!

The Dragonflies were so excited to find something red, and they all helped up their red items for everyone to see as they brough it to the table.

Soon our table was full of red things from around the room, and even after the hunt was over, the Dragonflies were still saying "look, it's red!" when they found another red toy to play with!

August 18th, 2015

 Lizard Rescue!

During morning center time, H said "lizard lizard!" A lizard had gotten into the room and was running around the kitchen. Using a bowl and some paper, Ms. Caitlin carefully caught the lizard and showed everyone. It was just a baby lizard! When Ms. Caitlin was going to take it outside, V asked "I come too?", so we all took a trip outside to put the lizard back where it belonged. The Dragonflies all waved and said "bye, lizard!"

August 17th, 2015

"Let's get to know each other!"
 We are all so excited to start a new school year as the Dragonfly class! During circle time we got to know each other a little bit better. I and E held up a picture of Ms. Syndee's dog and her new baby. Then everyone decided to give each other hugs! We couldn't be happier to have all our friends in our class! 

May 28th, 2015

"I'm Painting With a Snowball"

 Keeping up with our fine motor grip activites, today we fingerpainted with cotton balls to work on our finger-thumb grip.

Ryder said "it's like painting with snow balls."

May 27th, 2015

"How Tall is My Shoe?"

A large part of our class is following emerging curriculum, or the philosophy that the students can form their own plans on what we should do and we follow them as they explore what they have in mind.

The students saw the measuring tape in the class and immediately asked what it was. They looked at the numbers and found out that those numbers correspond to how long or tall something is, just like the tape measure they have on the work bench in the dramatic play area. They immediately asked how long or tall this or that is, and began exploring the room, measuring things they had questions about.

Natalia thought the table was really long, so she measured that first.

Ben wanted to see how long the white board was.

Talia wanted to see how tall Ben was. She said "okay, get up now and I measure you."

Tripp wanted to measure Ben's shoe...

...and his own, too.

Then they began measuring each other. Natalia and Tripp were both 37 inches, Ben was 39, and Talia was 36 (roughly calculated by our own Butterflies' estimations, with a standard deviation of a few inches this way or that due to wiggling and giggling.)

Though it still might be a little bit before they start testing hypotheses and formatting conclusions, these early measurements help them understand relatives sizes and the vocabulary behind them, as well as a beginning idea that numbers have a quantative meaning that can be attributed to other things. They understand that this is bigger or taller or longer than that, and they can find out by their own explorations.

May 27th, 2015

Spelling Our Names

The Butterflies are doing great with name recognition - instead of just recongizing it as a whole, they're starting to point out the individual letters in their names. 

They decorated their own name cards with the letters of the name, picking their own special paper and stickers to use.

Using their other name cards as an example, they began putting on their letters one by one. Natalia said "there's an T in my name" and Talia and Tripp said "me too!" This started a conversation on what letters they all shared in their names.

Talia said she had a L in her name, and Ben said "like La-La-La-La-Liam." The Butterflies love playing word associations and finding out what other words the letters on their names spell.

May 26th, 2015

Painting the Wall...Paper

Art is a great activity to work growing minds. Not only does it familiarize them with colors, but it can become a science experiment as well, as we saw in our color mixing blog. Using a paintbrush also helps the children work on grip - holding a paintbrush is very similar to holding a pencil for writing! 

Providing the Butterflies with a new medium to paint on is a fun new experience for them that also gets their minds going. Since wallpaper is so different than paper, they had to think about how much paint to use and how the colors changed what they were painting. Natalia said "it's really heavy."

May 20th, 2015

Lights Out!

Today, there was something different about our story time...

We read our book in the dark!

Ms. Syndee turned out the lights and Ms. Caitlin made pictures on the board with her flashlight. After our story was over, Ms. Syndee gave the Butterflies flashlights, too. We put on music and had a flashlight dance party around the room. This was also a good time for the class to explore all the dark corners of the room together (the Butterflies were so brave.)

The Butterflies loved making their flashlights dance on the ceiling. Some of them put their hands over the top and said "my hand is red now!"

May 18th, 2015

A Little This, A Little That

Today, we worked on our primary and secondary colors. 

Some of the Butterflies already knew that blue and red together made purple. We gave them red, yellow, and blue and let them see what other colors they could create.

It wasn't long before they started saying "I made orange! I made green!"

Ben was so excited to get his hands in the paint and see what he could make. He looked over at Tripp and said "Tripp, we made brown paint!" Then they called Ms. Syndee over so she could see their hands, too.

Fingerpainting is a great sensory activity that can easily teach the children about science and cause-and-effect. We talked about the secondary colors they had made and which combinations made each color. They were so excited they had made the new colors all by themselves!

May 14th, 2015

Find Your Seat!

Recognizing our names is a BIG milestone for the Butterflies class. Not only does name recongition begin the first of many words our Butterflies will be reading so soon, but it provides a sense of self for our class too! The Butterflies are starting to find letters in books, on snacks, anywhere there are letters to read and saying "that letter's in my name!" Today, we played a new game at snack where every seat had a name card and the Butterflies had to find their own seat. Everyone immediately found their seat all by themselves!

May 8th, 2015

Mother's Day Celebration

All week we worked hard making gifts and learning songs to celebrate the best women in our lives - our mommies!

We talked about how each mommy is different - some mommies go down the slide with us at the park, or some mommies cook us pasta for dinner. Every mommy is unique, and that's what makes them so special!

To celebrate our mommies, we read a special book and sang a song we practiced all week just for them. The Butterflies were so happy their mommies joined them in class for breakfast!

To all our hard-working, loving, ouchie-kissing, dinner-making, bath-giving, mess-cleaning mommies - we love you!

April 29, 2015

Pajama Party!

To celebrate our Book Fair, we had a pajama day at school!

The Butterflies thought it was so funny they were wearing nighttime clothes at school. They were so excited to talk about what everyone else was wearing and who had what on their PJs!

N even said "I'm already ready to go to nap because I'm wearing my jammies!"

April 24, 2015

Yom Ha'atzmaut - Israeli Independence Day

Yom Ha'atzmuat celebrates the declaration of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. To get into the spirit of the holiday, the class started learning about Israel. 

First, we took a look at our class map of Israel. Ms. Caitlin showed the class some of the places in Israel and talked about the names of the cities and seas in Hebrew. We talked about how Hebrew is another language that may sound different sometimes, but that we already know a lot of words like Shabbat, kiddush, and challah.  J said "you'd have to go on a loooong trip to get there." When we asked what they though the blue on the map was, someone said "the beach!" We talked about how Florida and Israel have a lot in common, like a lot of beaches, warm weather, and palm trees!

Everyone made their own Israeli flag. The Butterflies are champs now at squeezing the glue themselves, adding their own decorations, and stamping a Magen David (Star of David) in the middle. During a special Yom Haatzmuat Shabbat, we sang David HaMelech (David the King) and Zum Gali Gali and had a flag parade!

April 24, 2015

"Piggies don't talk - they oink oink here, oink oink there..."

All week the Butterflies class talked about the farm. 

There's so much to learn from the farm. The class made a word web to discuss some of the things we already know. The farm helps us learn about animal names and sounds, transportation, different jobs people can have, and different types of food we can grow.

After reading about the farm all week, we went to see the farm animals we had been learning about at the petting zoo! There were chicks, bunnies, a cow, goats, a rooster, and sheep. The kids loved touching them all and telling us how they felt.

The bunnies were so soft. S said "I love them because they're so cute!"

The chicks made a lot of noise. A said "they are just little birds and they have wings to fly in the sky." Since they were babies, we had to be extra careful in how we touched them.

The class had so much to say and ask. They looked at the goats grazing and said "they eat grass for lunch!" These special hands-on experiences really help them learn about the world in a meaningful way.

April 21, 2015
Follow The Leader

As part of the Butterflies class preparing for next year in the three-year-old classes, we've been practicing walking around the school without a rope! Everyone lines up in order and follows the line leader to wherever we're going, making sure to stay in line and respect the space of those in front of and behind them. They feel very excited (and responsible!) - J even said "it's because we're big kids now."

April 17, 2015

Week of the Young Child

Through our NAEYC accreditation we celebrated our young learners with the Week of the Young Child

Monday was Music Monday:

  • Sing, Dance, Celebrate, and Learn 
  • Through music, children develop math, language, and literacy skills - and of course, have fun while being active!

                             Tuesday was Taco Tuesday:

  • The children chose what ingredients they wanted in their tacos.. their choices were cheese, salsa, tomatoes, and lettuce. The tomatoes and lettuce were extra yummy because they came from our school garden!
  • Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science, and more.

Wednesday was Work Together Wednesday:

  • Work Together, Build Together, Learn Together
  • When children build together they explore math and science concepts and develop their social and early literacy skills.
  • The children did a few different activities for Work Together Wednesday: They all worked together to make a special picture on the magna doodles, worked together with Ms. Deanna and Ms. Caitlin's class to build with  blocks outside, and all the children made a train together on the slide!


                                Thursday was Artsy Thursday:

  • Think, problem solve, and create
  • Children develop creativity, social skills and fine muscles with open-ended art projects where they can make choices, use their imaginations and create with their hands.
  • The Buttierflies class was given paint, feathers, pom poms, and stickers. Then they were told they can do whatever they want with them. Every child's painting looked different which was so special!
  • They also listened to stories and sang songs with Ms. Stacy, the Library Lady.


Friday was Family Friday:

  • Sharing family stories
  • The children shared stories of their families with one another.

April 15, 2015

 Let's Find the Lizard!

A lizard came to visit the Butterflies class! The children were so excited and tried to see where it went. We couldn't find it but that's OK because N said "It's hiding!"

April 8, 2015

 The Butterflies (class) Meets Butterflies!

The children had such an exciting adventure this week... watching real live butterflies emerge! First they were caterpillars, then they made cocoons, and then became butterflies! The Butterflies class watched them, help feed them, and then released them in the playground (by the garden).

The children said "Bye Bye Butterflies" after they flew away!

Since the butterflies were released by the garden we went to check on them today. We were hoping to see them on some flowers or eating some food! We found one and all the children were so excited!

April 5, 2015
Letter Recognition

As the Butterflies class gets closer to moving on to the 3's class we have started learning more advance concepts, such as letter recognition. We have started recognizing our names every day with flash cards and recognizing letters in different ways using puzzles, magnets, stamp pads, and blocks.

April 1, 2015
Happy Passover

March 26, 2015
New Experiences with Painting

The brains of young children are at the stage of the greatest growth they will experience in their life. Young children are experiencing an incredible amount of synpase formations; these formations provide them with the ability to experience higher level thinking as they grow. What begins as child's play lead young brains to a better understanding of the world!

Challenging their brains in "outside of the box" experiences helps promote this brain development. When children experience new situations, their brain gets straight to work viewing, understanding, remembering what they see and do. Something as simple as painting with their feet makes them questions all these new things: how paint feels on their feet versus their hands, how their feet make different shapes than their hands, it is easier or harder to paint with their feet, etc.

Creating a group piece of artwork also moves the children from thinking about "their work" to "our work." Participating and feeling involved in a class community is an important milestone in childhood development; the kids were so excited to make it together with one another. Some said "we made colors together!" or "my hand print is on their hand print too!" 

March 23, 2015
It's all how you set it up...

For children, how you approach different things and how you invite them to explore is just as important as what they are exploring. To introduce Passover, we set up a Passover Seder in the kitchen. There was matzo, a Seder plate, afikomen and cups on the table. The children were instantly drawn to the kitchen and started sitting down to have their own mock Seder. Ben said to Tripp "Here Tripp, here is a drink for you!"

March 11, 2015
Specials, Specials, Specials!

The children had so much fun doing an obstacle course in Body Science, a puppet show in My Gym, and singing in Music!

March 2, 2015

During Purim we love to share Shalach Manot, which is a tradition on Purim. The children painted their baskets and then helped turn them into a triangle basket (to represent haman's hat).Then they each put an item in all the baskets for their friends. There were tons of yummy treats in there!

Our Purim parade was so much fun! The children dressed up in costumes and shook their groggers (that they decorated)!

February 26, 2015
Making Hamantashen 

Ms.Caitlin assisted the children in making hamantashen from scratch! She helped them roll out the dough, cut out the circles, and pinch the corners to make the circle into triangles. Then they chose a hershey kiss or strawberry jam to put in the center. Then they went in the oven and the children took it home to eat them. They came back the next day and said it was delicious!

February 26, 2015

Teaching the children how to use scissors is very important for their development. Exploring scissors is important for a few different reasons, such as:
  • Allowing a child to build up the tiny muscles in the palm of their hand with the continuous open and close of the hand.
  • Enhancing eye-hand coordination.
  • Encouraging your child to use coordination: using both sides of the body at the same time while each hand is performing its own task.

February 22, 2015
Let's go on a Surprise!

We decided to go on an adventure to a "surprise" location. We explored the grassy area across from the front of the temple. The children were so excited! They ran around collected pine cones, touched parts of trees, and rolled down the hill! What a fun way to explore nature!

February 16, 2015
We love our Pets

The Butterflies class explored pets. We learned how to take care of them, what each child's pet is and what their name is, and what we feed them. It was so exciting  to share our special pets in each others lives!

February 10, 2015
Mazel the Shabbat Puppy

Mazel the Shabbat Puppy visited the Butterflies 2 class! He came in his carrier and the children had to guess what was inside. When they guessed the right thing he appeared! They were so excited! We read the book Mazel the Shabbat Puppy. Then we went over how to treat him (and animals in general). What a nice surprise!

February 7, 2015
Busch Wildlife Visits Our School!

The children were so excited to see the animals that Busch Wildlife brought with them to share! They saw an owl, snake, skunk, turtle, and a crocodile. They even got to touch some of the animals! The looks on their faces were priceless.

February 5, 2015
Planting Parsley 
Part of celebrating Tu B'Shevat is planting new trees and plants for everyone to enjoy. The Butterflies 2 class read the book Planting a Seed by Pamela R. Jarrell. Then we  planted parsley. The children used a cup and put soil in their pot, then put the parsley seeds in the soil and covered the seeds with their fingers. They are so excited to take it home, water it, and watch it grow!

February 2, 2015
Getting Ready for Tu B'Shevat

The Butterflies class is exploring trees for Tu B'Shevat. We read the book Hello,Tree by Joanne Ryder and introduced trees with our tree puppet.  The children are also working on tree hats. They first gathered and collected leaves and branches outside. Then they used their fine motor skills and squeezed glue and glued leaves on their tree hats. O said " Look at my hat!"

January 26, 2015
Community Projects 

When children work together to work on a group project the benefits are:
  • self-awareness: recognizing feelings and identifying interests, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • self-management: managing feelings and behavior to control impulses and persevere in achieving important personal and academic goals.
  • social awareness: understanding the needs and feelings of others, while appreciating similarities and differences among individuals and groups.
  • relationship skills: maintaining positive relationships with others.
  • responsible decision making: making good choices and contributing to their school, their community, and the world.

January 22, 2015
Painting Tracks

The Butterflies class is exploring transportation. We read Pete the Cat and Wheels on the Bus by James Dean, Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle, and I Love Trucks by Philemon Sturges.  To go along with the transportation topic the children drew their own versions of a school bus on scratch art and painted tracks with trucks and cars. Come check out our bulletin board in the classroom!

I also asked the children "how do you get to school?" These were their answers:

January 14, 2015
The Garden

The Butterflies class took a field trip to the garden. N ran around showing everyone where everything is in the garden. She said "Look there's strawberries." The children loved the garden and can't wait to go back!

December 8, 2014
Friends and Family Board

The Friends and Family board is so important to have in the classroom for various reasons: it is located in our safe place so when a child is sad it is there for comfort, it can help when coming into the classroom (and for transitions), and also to show their families to their friends. N always says "there's my mom holding me" (and points to her picture).

December 1, 2014
My Gym

Miss Allison intrigued the children to try different things in My Gym! J and B completed new puzzles, T and T balanced on the balance beam, L threw the hula hoops on the cone, and the children all squeezed into the "boat" that Miss Allison was rocking. My Gym is so much fun!

November 25, 2014
Thanksgiving Celebration

The One School observed Thanksgiving in many different ways. We decorated our t- shirts, centerpieces, and fun gifts for mommy and daddy! We also incorporated cooking while learning about Thanksgiving. The Butterflies 2 class made cranberry sauce. The children poured in some cranberry sauce, frozen strawberries and turned the mixer on. Then took a spoon and poured the cranberry sauce into a pretty jar for mommy and daddy that they decorated with Thanksgiving stickers. Then finally it was time for the Thanksgiving feast! The children sang songs and then ate a traditional turkey lunch with their parents. What a wonderful experience!

November 20, 2014

The environment that the children thrive in (which is our classroom) can be a second teacher to facilitate their learning. I added chalk boards to our walls and the children were immediately drawn to them. They used all the different colored chalk and made some great pictures! Alexa said "Look Ms. Syndee, I drew a picture for you!"

November 17, 2014

 "Whoa it's a tent!"

Bringing real life materials into the classroom is always the best way to let the children learn. We read the Story What is Thanksgiving? by Harriet Ziefert. Then we said how some of our special friends used to live in tents during Thanksgiving time. Then we set up a tent! The children really enjoyed laying in it, reading stories, and laughing in it. Natalia said "whoa it's a tent!"

November 6, 2014
 A Pumpkin Experience

The children investigated the pumpkins with the magnifiers.

They ate some yummy pumpkin muffins from Ms. Deanna

We asked the children what they thought was inside the pumpkins. 

Everyone said "it smells!"

The children counted the pumpkin

They touched the top of the pumpkin as well.

B touched the pulp

Then we planted the pumpkin seeds

We poured some soil into an egg carton

Then added the seeds and some water... can't wait for it to sprout!

October 27, 2014

 The Palm Beach Firefighters came to visit us!

The Butterflies 2 class has been learning all about firefighters and firetrucks. So, they were so excited to see an actual firetruck with real firefighters. The firefighters taught us all about the gear they wear to protect their bodies in a fire. Then we got a tour of the firetruck! The children learned about the nozzle, the lights, and the ladders! This was definitely an amazing experience!

October 21, 2014
 Read for the Record

The Butterflies 2 class participated in the annual read for the record! Ms. Mitchell came to read a special story to us. Read for the Record allows millions of children and adults to celebrate literacy by participating in the largest shared reading experience. On October 21, 2014 tons of adults were reading the story, Bunny Cakes, by Rosemary Wells to children. What an amazing experience in which we got to participate!

October 15, 2014
 High Touch High Tech Science

This past Tuesday was our first High Touch High Tech Science class. Miss. Nikki came with plenty of fun things for us to explore! The Butterflies learned the different bones that make up our skeleton body and what they feel like. Then Miss Nikki gave everyone a special treat for snack...cheerios! She says that "eating good foods will make our bones say thank you!" Everyone really loved the special snack. The Butterflies class can't wait for Miss Nikki to come visit again soon!

October 8, 2014

The Butterflies class is very excited about our upcoming holiday of Sukkot.  They are especially intrigued about our trips to Temple Beth Am's big Sukkah and our classroom Sukkah.

Even the rain didn't stop the Butterflies from looking at Temple Beth Am's Sukkah.

The children hammered, sawed, and screwed our Sukkah together!
Squeezing into our Sukkah is fun!

Then we had to decorate our Sukkah using dot paint!

Music class with Mr. Brett in the Sukkah was extra special.

The Butterflies 2 class in the Sukkah

September 29, 2014

The children all sang "A,B,C's" while holding hands. Talia and Alexa started singing first then soon Natalia, Jack, and Bella quickly joined them. How nice to see how close and fast the children bonded in such a short period of time!

September 22, 2014

Rosh Hashanah Round

To help celebrate the New Year, we made little round challot - cooking with the children provides many sensory experiences for them which is how young children learn best. The dough feels sticky, they push raisins into the squishy dough. Brush on an egg wash and into the oven! The smell of the freshly baked challah makes them feel important and successful! Click on the photos to make them larger.



Body Science

Once a month Ms. Yael visits and we learn all about how our bodies move. We practice many gross motor skills such as hopping, galloping, balancing, dancing, reaching, and more! We also work on following directions, taking turns, and being part of a group too!

September 17, 2014

Buddy Painting

As we begin the school year and celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the children are building a classroom community by painting with a buddy to help celebrate the New Year and new beginnings. This activity incorporated so many important skills such as:

  • sharing paint and brushes
  • taking turns
  • learning names of classmates
  • fostering friendships
  • mixing colors
  • developing language
  • pre-literacy skills using arm movements at the easel
  • holding a paintbrush
  • enhancing hand/eye coordination
  • cleaning up

September 12, 2014
                            Apples Dipped in Honey

Apples dipped in honey
It really tastes so yummy
You send it down your tummy
For a Happy New Year!

September 12, 2014

Apples are a key component in our upcoming holiday Rosh Hashanah. Therefore, we have been exploring apples. The Butterflies have been sorting them (colors and sizes), guessing what is inside an apple, tasting them, sponge painting, stamping with them, listening to finger plays and felt stories. It has been applelicious!
Stamping Apples

"mmm yummy!"

Sorting Apples

Getting ready to put our felt apples on the felt board

"This feels hard!

"I see a seed!"

Sponge painting 

September 9, 2014
                        A Moment of Discovery 

The children were intrigued by the science center today. Bella, Jack, Natalia and Alexa discovered the magnifying glasses. They pressed them against their faces and said "big." They also investigated the flowers and their friend's faces.  This is just the beginning to see what else they will explore!

September 4, 2014
With Rosh Hashanah fast approaching we have started exploring the color red. The children read the book Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney and named all the things in the classroom that they see are red. Even during lunch Jack E said "There's red on my shorts!" For an art activity the children used their fine motor skills and tore strips of red paper and then glued them to a plain piece of paper to make a collage.

September 4, 2014
                        My Gym, Music, and Library

The Butterflies class had such a special time tumbling in my gym with Ms. Tanya, singing songs in music with Mr. Brett, and listening to books in library with Ms. Stacey.

August 29, 2014
                        Building Relationships

The children are getting so comfortable with each other that they all squeezed into the car outside and decided to "drive" together. Natalia said "We are going to Disney World!"


Benjamin and Talia were so excited to put their money in the Tzedakah box. All their friends helped them count how many coins went into the box. Then each child took turns shaking the box to hear the money inside. Tripp said "I hear the coins."

August 26, 2014

                             Dot Painting

Painting in many different ways is so important to children's development.Children who paint learn to think with an open mind and to look at situations creatively. They learn to express themselves more deeply through their art and their words. For example Bella started to dot paint quietly. Then all of a sudden she said "Look I am making fireworks!" and started naming all the different colors and different sounds that fireworks make. The art work that she was creating prompted her to express her thoughts. I can't wait to see what else they come up with!

"Look Ms. Syndee I'm making fireworks!"

Concentrating on my painting

Loving the colors

Oh what fun!

August 22, 2014
                        Our First Shabbat!

Talia brought in Tzedakah. We explained what it was and how the money helps many people in need. Natalia said "I'm going to bring in money from my house tomorrow."

August 21, 2014
 Welcome Butterflies 2!
The Butterflies 2's first week was absolutely amazing! The children started to build relationships with new friends and teachers. They also started to explore the materials in the classroom. Here are some pictures from our first week of school.

May 23, 2014
"Father's Day Celebration"

May 9, 2014 
"Mother's Day Celebration"

March 7, 2014
"No Rope Today"
To foster the children's new found independence, we decided to try walking to Shabbat and to the playground without using our rope.  We discussed how to stay in line so that we are all safe.  We are so very proud of our Monkeys - they did it!!!!

March 6, 2014
"Take Your Child To Work Day"
Today was Take Your Child To Work Day, and Miss Cristel's boys Giovanni & Nik and Miss Lisa's daughter Samantha came to visit our Monkeys.  In the morning the Monkeys were quiet and curious, but by the end of the school day they had made three new friends!     

March 5, 2014
"Red Light, Green Light"
Today we brought hula hoops outside.  We placed them on the ground, and the children began jumping in and out of each hula hoop.  Then, Miss Lisa held up a green hula hoop and said, "green light".  The children began running until Miss Lisa held up a red hula hoop and said, "red light".  At that time they stopped running and giggled.  When Miss Lisa held up a yellow hula hoop and said, "yellow light", the children were not sure what to do.  We took the opportunity to discuss different colored traffic lights that we see.   

March 4, 2014
"Mr. Richard And His Helper"
During clean-up time, Mr. Richard came into our classroom to look at our ceiling.  The children noticed him and his helper as soon as they opened the door.  They gathered on the carpet to watch to see what they were going to do.  Here is what the children said:

  • "why is he going up there"
  • "he's in the dark" 
  • "he's looking for dirt"
  • "he's fixing it" 
  • "he's looking for a pole"
  • "he's not gonna fall"
  • "are those ones broken"
  • "he closing it up now"
  • "that one broken"
  • "climbing up again"
  • "why he climbing up again"
As Mr. Richard and his helper were leaving, the children waved bye and said, "thank you".

February 27, 2014
"Exercise With An Expert"
Brielle's mom came to our classroom to teach us how we can take care of our bodies.  She taught us the importance of stretching, breathing, and moving our bodies to keep our heart healthy. We also learned how to make muscles, feel our heart beating, and how to balance.  We learned some new exercises, including how to do push ups!   

February 25, 2014
"String Around The Tree"
The children noticed several trees that had string tied around them.  One child said, "why string on the trees". We took this opportunity to investigate - we had a question that needed an answer.  So, we went to Miss Rhea and Miss Jen's classroom to find the answer.  Miss Rhea explained to us that the string is on the tress so that the birds can make a nest.  She said that the birds like soft things to build their nest with.  Miss Rhea also told us to look for the bird feeder that they put out for the birds.  The children appeared very content after they found out the answer to their question.  

February 21, 2014
A "Fire Camp"
The children began gathering sticks and putting them into a pile.  Some responses were:
"a fire camp" 
"rocks for the camp fire"
Then the children began gathering rocks to add to their pile of sticks.  One child then said, "ok it's very hot".
Some children made a circle around the pile of sticks and began to sing, "ring around the rosey".  

February 21, 2014
"Water Drain"
While exploring nature, some children discovered a water drain on the ground.One child shouted, "hey look at this guys".  Then more children gathered around the drain.  Here is the conversation that took place between the children:
"don't touch it, fall down"
"hey Miss Cristel look at this"
"there rocks down there and water"
"a rock"
"hey look"
"we just watching them"
"it's raining"
"that's yucky"
"can I put rocks in there"
"don't put rocks in there"
"let's put our foot in it"
"I want to walk on it"
"my fishing pole is down there"
"can I put this flower for the fish in there"
"look at that spider"

February 18, 2014
"Exploring Nature"
All of the teachers attended a wonderful conference on how to bring nature into the classroom, and how exploring outdoors enhances all areas of children's development.  We left the conference feeling very inspired, and the next day we took the children outside to enjoy and explore nature.  We brought a basket for the children to collect items in nature that could be used in our sensory box.  Before we went exploring, we asked the children what they thought that we were going to see.  Here are their predictions:

  • "leaves"
  • "mulch"
  • "sticks"
  • "dirt"
  • "birds"
  • "rocks"
We explored a large grassy area in front of the Temple, and the children quickly began picking up treasures that they found.  
  • Julien - "I found a spikey stick and a bird"
  • Grady - "I found a pine cone"
  • Noah - "flowers"
  • Anvika - "pine cone"
  • William - "I found a pine cone, it feels like ouch"
  • Alexa - "dirt"
  • Remy - "I found grass"
  • Ashton - "tree bumpy, I don't like it"
After our basket was overflowing with items that the children collected, we watched as the children ran around the trees, had a "running race", laid in the grass, and we heard them say "ready, set, go".  

February 12, 2014

"A Visit From Dr. Goldvasser"
Today we had a special visit from Dr. Goldvasser, who taught us how to keep our teeth healthy by brushing and flossing.  Diggity Dog helped Dr. Goldvasser show us how to brush "up and down and all around".  The children took turns brushing Diggity Dog's teeth with an over sized yellow toothbrush.  

Dr. Goldvasser's visit inspired the children to want to brush teeth, so we created an activity using Legos, toothpaste, toothbrushes and yarn.  The children used a toothbrush to brush and scrub the legos with toothpaste.  Then they used yarn to floss the spaces between the legos.     

Over the course of our healthy teeth discussions, here is what the children said:

  • "I brushed my teeth at my house" - Noah
  • "he brushed my teeth" - William
  • "Dentist just give us a goody bag" - Brielle
  • "brushing like this" - Benjamin
  • "its toothbrush" - Alexa
  • "teeth is for Dentist, he take a check-up" - Remy
  • "Mommy brush all my teeth" - Sophie
  • "oh I just brushed my finger" - Julien
  • "I don't go to the Dentist anymore" - Leah
  • "brush like this" - Ashton
  • "toothpaste and nothing else" - Anvika
  • "me and my Daddy use my new toothbrush and we do ahhhhhh" - Grady 

January 22, 2014
After noticing that the children appeared to be very interested his guitar, Mr. Brett shared.  The children were anxious for their turn.  They plucked the strings, hit the guitar, and turned a few keys (which made the guitar a little off key).  After exploring the sounds the guitar made, Mr. Brett tuned his guitar and everyone finished Music Class with a big smile as usual! 

January 22, 2014
"Clean Windows"

While walking to Music Class, the children noticed Mr. Marcelo outside cleaning the windows.  They appeared to be curious about what he was doing.  Miss Cristel said, "I wonder what Mr. Marcelo is doing".  Here is how the children responded:

  • "cleaning, it's messy"
  • "a broom"
  • "paint"
  • "dirty"
  • "messy"
  • "a sprayer"
  • "towel"
  • "he clean"
  • "he spray cause dirty on that one"
  • "thank you cause he clean the window"
We then took the opportunity to discuss the many ways that Mr. Marcelo helps to keep our school clean and beautiful.

January 13, 2014

Since our school's new garden has been underway, the children have been noticing a lot of people outside of our classroom window.  They have appeared very curious about what the people were looking at.  So, we took a field trip to visit the garden.  On our way to the garden, here is what the children said: "what are we doing on this playground", "somebody lost a football", "when I four I go on this playground", and "I was here with daddy yesterday, I show him".  The children looked at the gardens for a few minutes and noticed, "rocks", "mulch", and "flowers".  Some of the children's comments were, "how cute", "there's a bug", and "my mommy and daddy meet me here". 

January 13, 2014
"A New Discovery On The Playground"
 After Winter break, Miss Deanna created a music area on our playground.

The children appeared curious about the pots and pans that they seen, and they quickly began to explore.  They tried to take the pots and pans off of the fence and turn them around.  Here were the children's responses: "a clapper", "it's a pot", "I play with it", "it's a pot for sand", "drum", "that's a hammer", "play kitchen". 
  One child found a shovel on the ground, and pretended to cook.  The children soon discovered the noise that the shovel made when it hit the pots and pans.  Before long, the children were playing musical instruments as they sang the ABC song and The Itsy Bitsy Spider!  

January 9, 2014
"Taking A Walk
While taking a nature walk, one child noticed a man jogging past our school and said, "look at that man".  Then, all of the children stopped walking to watch the man.  Here are their responses:

  • "what he doing"
  • "he go, he hurt"
  • "I think a car gonna come here"
  • "my mommy hold my hand"
  • "exercising"
  • "it's windy and drizzling"  
  • "he was running"
  • "cut the trees"
  • "he was walking, walking, and walking like us"
As we continued on our walk, the children noticed a car that drove into the school parking lot.  The children were curious about the car and one child said, "who's car is that".  The car stopped, the window rolled down, and the children noticed that it was Mr. Alfredo.  He smiled at the children and waved hello, and the children smiled and giggled.  One child happily shouted, "that Mr. Alfredo", then another child said, "Mr. Alfredo came back".   

December 20, 2013
"Monkey Class Party"

THANK YOU to everyone for our party, the beautiful orchid, and the gift card.  It was so very nice to have everyone together and it truly made us feel special.  We hope that everyone has a fun, safe Holiday - see you in 2014!!  Thanks again and big hugs to our little Monkeys.

December 2013
"I Won"
The children's favorite activity during Hanukkah was spinning the dreidel.  Every time the dreidel stopped spinning, the children shouted, "I won".   

November 25, 2013
"Thanksgiving Program"

November 13, 2013
"Look, Mr. Alfredo"
During indoor playtime in the Social Hall, we heard a loud noise.  We looked over towards the far side of the Social Hall, and we noticed that Mr. Alfredo was standing on a platform lift that enabled him to reach the ceiling.  The children watched as Mr. Alfredo changed a light bulb.  Their responses were:

  • "fixing lights"
  • "he going up again"  
  • "he jumping"
  • "I'm gonna hear that noise"
  • "he going down"
  • "he going away"
  • "he's go down"
  • "he's going bye-bye"
 Later in the day while walking back from Music Class, we saw Mr. Alfredo again!  This time the children stopped to watch him sweep leaves that were on the floor.  We took this opportunity to discuss with the children some of the ways that Mr. Alfredo helps to keep our school beautiful!

November 2013
"What We Are Thankful For"
Hanna - "Mommy, Daddy"

Grady - "Elley and toys"

Brielle - "a bed"

Sophie - "Mommy, Daddy"

Julien - "pizza"

William - "Brielle"

Trent - "elephant"

Noah - "Mickey Mouse"

Ashton - "Grandpa, Mommy, Ava, Daddy"

Spencer - "my home, hold Mommy hand"

Anvika - "chee-zit"

Remy - "everything"

Alexa - "hold bag, snack"

Leah - "a toy, a doll, my baby doll"

November 8, 2013
"A Choo-Choo Train"
After lunch, we noticed that some children had brought chairs to the carpet.  Then, all of the other children brought a chair to the carpet and began to line the chairs one behind the other.  Here is what we heard the children say:  "we're riding the train", "all aboard the choo-choo train", "to the animal station", "my going to the park", "my house the train take me", "choo-choo", "to Publix".

October 30, 2013
"Fall Day At School"
We took a walk through the Preschool hallway, to admire all of the beautiful Fall decorations on display.  Here are the children's responses:  

  • "I see pumpkins"
  • "leaves"
  • "birds"
  • "a lady"
  • "rainbow"
  • "pumpkin"
  • "tiger"

October 29, 2013
"Nature Walk"
Miss Emily, a student at Dwyer High School, has been visiting our classroom to complete her internship in the field of education.  In keeping in line with our fire safety unit, Miss Emily created and led a camp "fire" activity.  We went for a nature walk to collect materials for the activity (lots of sticks and twigs).  As we were walking back to our classroom, we heard and seen two small dogs that were looking at us from behind a fence.  The children's responses were, "eating", "outside", "ruff, ruff", "food", "look for cars and elephants", "he was doing woof", "ruff, then he go ruff ruff woof".  When the children heard the dogs bark, they all said, "woof, woof" and laughed with one another.  When we got back to the playground, the children helped Miss Emily create a camp "fire"!  


October 28, 2013
"Fire Truck Visit"
During our Fire Safety unit, the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue came for a special visit.  The children watched as the Firefighter dress in his fire gear, complete with boots and his hat.  While walking around the fire truck, the Firefighter discussed all the sections of the truck, and how each part was used.  Some responses were, "outside", "wheel", "water gun", "a hose", "big wheel", "a big ship", "hat and his shoes", "jacket", "shoes", and "bird".  By the looks on the children's faces, their favorite part of the experience was having the opportunity to sit in the fire truck and to squirt the water hose!  We even seen how the Firefighters replenished their water supply by using the fire hydrant.  

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As we were walking back to our classroom, something exciting happened - we had an unplanned fire drill. . We often have practice fire drills, and we discuss how if it was a real emergency that the Fire Rescue would arrive.  Well, the Fire Rescue was there already!  Everything was fine - all of our practice fire drills have helped us to know what to do in case of a real emergency! 

October 23, 2013
"Singing Our Favorite Song In Music Class"

October 16, 2013
"What Is Inside Of Our Pumpkin"
After exploring, comparing, counting, and lifting our pumpkins, it was finally time to discover what was inside!  The children predicted that there were going to be "seeds", "water and bugs", "corn and eggs", "trees", "goldfish", "a monkey", and "toys" inside of the pumpkin that was chosen to be opened.  Miss Lisa carefully opened a pumpkin and pulled off the top.  Everyone was curious as they gathered around to look inside, and they discovered that there were "lots of seeds in there".  According to one child, the inside of the pumpkin "feels like squishy".  After the children took everything out of the pumpkin, the seeds were washed, dried, and ready for their next adventure. 

October 18, 2013
"Science Experiment - Planting Pumpkin Seeds"
We conducted a science experiment by planting our pumpkin seeds three different ways.  The first way was planting  seeds in soil.  The children helped to pack the planter with soil, then they added lots of pumpkin seeds, and some more soil.  finally, they added water to the freshly planted seeds!  The second way was by placing the seeds into a zip lock bag.  The children dipped a paper towel into water, squeezed some water out of the paper towel, and then placed the wet paper towel and the seeds into the bag.  It was then taped to our back window.  The third way was placing moist seeds into a covered bowl.  The children wet the seeds, pat dried the seeds, and then put the seeds into a bowl and covered it.  Each day, we check on our newly planted seeds in hopes of discovering that the seeds "did grow".  After only four days, the children were so excited to see that the seeds in the soil were beginning to sprout.  The seeds in the zip lock bag were beginning to form roots, and the seeds in the covered bowl were starting to grow roots and turn black.  After eight days, the seeds in the soil and the seeds in the zip lock bag are growing very quickly, but the seeds in the covered bowl did not grow.



October 2013
"Pumpkin Patch Pictures"

October 11, 2013
"Many Adventures Along The Way"
Before Shabbat, we saw two cranes outside of the big glass window.  We tried to get a closer look, but the birds were too far away.  After Shabbat was finished, the children noticed that this time the cranes were close to the window, but then the cranes quickly walked away and began to look for food . Everyone was curious about where the cranes went, so after Shabbat snack we went for a walk in hopes of finding them. As we were walking, the children noticed the Scholastic Book truck and watched the man load boxes into the truck.  Some responses were, "climbing up", "man has some books", and "are you taking the books back?"  The man responded, "I'm taking the books to the Big Red Dog."  As the man was leaving, the children listened as he started the engine, watched as he drove away, waved, and said, "bye, bye."
As we continued on our walk in search of the crane, one child said, "where did the big bird go?", another child responded, "bye, bye."  Then one child saw the cranes and said, "I see it over there."  We finally found the cranes, but they were across the street.  As we were about to go back to our classroom, we heard a car beep.  It was Miss Lisa's Husband and her dog, Zoey.  The children gathered around to meet Zoey, and to hear all about how Miss Lisa takes care of her dog.  Some responses were, "white", "big", "Zoey", and "bone."  What an adventurous day!!      


October 4, 2013
"Tzedakah Time"
Every Friday in our classroom, we perform the Mitzvah of Tzedakah by putting some coins into our Tzedakah box.  We sing, "give a penny, maybe two, to someone who has less than you, it's a Mitzvah yes indeed, to give to someone who's in need".  Our topic of discussion is who we should give our Tzedakah money to, and the children's responses are:  "persons", "some people", "different persons" and "person people".  We also discuss how the money can be used, and some ideas are:  "toys", "presents", "monies", "candy", "clothes", "buy things", "books", "mittens", and "balls".  

October 2, 2013
"How We Finish Music Class"
Music Class would not be complete without a high five from Mr. Brett!

October 1, 2013
"The Outside Sukkah"
While walking to the playground, the children saw the empty lot where the Sukkah used to be. They noticed that all that was left from the Sukkah were some wood pieces and palm leaves.  Their responses were:

  • "oh no"
  • "look"
  • "it's broken"
  • "it's down"
  • "lets build it again"

October 3, 2013
"Shaving Cream Fun"
We announced to the children that we had a special activity planned.  The children were very curious and wanted to know what we were going to do next.  We explained to the children that we were going to play with shaving cream, and one child immediately shouted "yeah, ice-cream".  The responses then were "I want one", "me too", and "my turn".  After smocks were put on and we discussed our shaving cream safety rules, shaving cream was drizzled onto the table!  "Squishy", "smushy", and "mushy" were words that the children used to describe the feeling of the shaving cream.  There were lots of smiling faces and laughing occurring during this fun activity!  Here are the children's responses:

  • "want some more"
  • "horse"
  • "a boat"
  • "white"
  • "do it with your animal"
  • "I painting"
  • "my animal lay down sleep"
  • "horsey"  
  • "more, dirty, water"
  • "I have gloves"
  • "hand prints"  

September 30, 2013
"Emergent Moment - Washing Our Baby Dolls"
During clean-up time, we noticed a few children gathered around the sink.  One child placed a baby doll in the sink and said, "water, soap".  Soon after a few more children walked over to the sink and said, "my turn" and "I want turn".  Since the children were very interested in the baby doll in the sink, we created washing stations complete with water, soap, a cloth, and of course a baby doll!  Each child had their own washing station and when their doll was all clean, they dried them too!  Here are the responses from when the children were cleaning and drying their babies:

  • "she was dirty"
  • "she got sand on herself"
  • "I'm cleaning her"
  • "it's soap"
  • "it float"
  • "get it out"
  • "when your like a baby, you cry"
  • "she wants her mommy"
  • "she's pooping"
  • "clean em"
  • "look she's dry"
  • "she's pooping on the floor, I have to clean her"
  • "clean her poo poo"
  • "cleaning her window"
  • "baby pooping on floor, need to clean it"
  • "poop"
  • "oh, bubbles"
  • "baby the water, bath, wet"
  • "cleaning her back"
  • "rinse them"
  • "dirty"
  • "from sand"
  • "water, wash cloth, bleach"
The children had a lot to say while washing their babies.  When the children were finished, the last response was, "and then she will go in her crib"


September 25, 2013
"Creating Our Classroom Sukkah"
After visiting the outside Sukkah and reading many books on the Holiday of Sukkot, we decided to create our own Sukkah for our classroom.  A large box was brought into the class and placed on the floor. After smocks were put on and paint was poured onto the box, the fun began!  The children rubbed their hands over just about every inch of the box, and even wanted to turn the box over to paint the other side. When the box was dried, the children drew pictures inside the walls of our Sukkah and palm leaves were added to create a roof.  The children have been spending a lot of time with their friends reading and playing in our new Sukkah!  

September 12, 2013
"Helping To Clean Our Playground"
With all of the rain that we have been having this week, the children have been closely watching how we dry the playground to prepare it for them to play.  As soon as we began to dry the playground equipment, some children found towels and began helping us clean.  They wiped the slide, the stairs, the tables, and the cars. And, they even learned how to squeeze the water out of their wet towel!  As the children "worked", here is what we heard them say, "it's raining, it's pouring", "look, I'm cleaning", "I'm wet", "it rained", and "I'm cleaning the gate cause it's wet".

September 11, 2013
"My Gym And Music"
It was a busy day in the Monkey Class!  During My Gym, the children practiced strengthening their gross motor skills by running, jumping, and balancing.  During Music Class with Mr. Brett, the Monkeys joined friends to sing some of their favorite songs, and some new songs too.  

September 4, 2013
"Honey Painting"
After eating apples dipped in honey for snack, we noticed that the children were curious about the sticky honey.  We placed a glob of yellow paint and glue onto each piece of paper, and the children began experimenting.  They rubbed the mixture together, looked at their hands, scratched their paper, and rubbed their hands together.  Some responses were, "it feel like paint", "good and soft", and "I pick it up, it's sticky". Another fun sensory experience!

August  23, 2013
"First Week of School"
Our first week of the Monkey Class was a huge success!  The week was spent exploring our new classroom, adjusting to new teachers, and making new friends.  Here are pictures from our first week of school.
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August 19, 2013
"Emergent Art"
On the first day of school, the children decorated an art hanger, which will be used to display their work.

After the first group of children finished decorating there art hanger, one child began to paint their paper towel.  The other children gathered around to watch, and before we knew it everyone was engaged in painting their paper towel.  The children smiled, laughed and many of them said "more paint".

This is emergent art - art that has emerged from the children!  Come to see your child's paper towel art, which is on display in our classroom!   

May 30, 2013
"What Do You Want To Be When You Grow-up"
"a grown-up" - Ayden

"a cute little Lawyer" - Jeremy

"big, big, bigger" - Rebecca

"nothing" - Georgia

"my Mommy and Daddy gonna make breakfast for me" - Cole

"Cinderella" - Ansley

"I wanna be a girl up to my daddy" - Galeena

"a man" - Drew

"a zookeeper" - Ari

"a dragon" - Sarah

"Sleeping Beauty" - Abbey

"a Princess" - Anna

"a Doctor for the animals" - Sophia

"be grow up" - Nemunas

May 17, 2013
"Father's Day Celebration"

May 10, 2013
"Mother's Day Celebration"

April 25, 2013
Today we decided to go on a nature walk across the parking lot to the open grass space.  When we got there, a couple of children noticed green coconuts on the ground and ran to them right away.  A few children were shouting, "coconuts, coconuts!"  We first found 2 large green coconuts.  They picked them up and the whole group started talking about what they found.  A couple of children looked up and pointed to the treetop and discovered that there were more up there.  The children started talking to each other about how to get the other coconuts out of the tree.  Some of the ideas they brainstormed and tried were shaking the tree, trying to climb it, and using sticks to try to reach them.  The children found a third coconut and it was small so they called it a "baby coconut."  The children saw 2 up in the tree but then we saw 2 more on the other side.  We counted them all and found there were 4 left in the tree.  The children were so excited about their discovery that they wanted to take them back to the classroom.  We had a discussion about the coconuts and they now have a new home in our science center.  We will continue to check on the other coconuts in the tree, because the children were very concerned about when the other 4 would fall out.  Here are the recorded discussions about the coconuts while we were outside and in the classroom. 

Cole: "I see a coconut up there!  The baby coconuts."
Sofia: "Baby coconuts."
Jeremy: "I'm gonna cut the tree down."
Ayden: "Shake those trees down. It's gonna hit me in the head."
Galeena: "There's so many up there. How can we get them off?"
Ari: "We can climb."
Rebecca: "Shake shake."
Drew: "It's falling down!"
Georgia: "It cracked!"
Sarah: "Up there, a baby coconut."
Anna: "It's a baby coconut for you maybe it came from mommy and daddy coconut. Maybe my friend giant can get them down.  I got the coconut.  I hope the rest of our coconuts fall down when we're gone."
Abbey: "Get down here coconuts right now!"

(When we talked about the coconuts at circle time - "What's inside"? and "How can we get it open?")
Jeremy: "Juice.  A scissor."
Ari: "Fruit salad.  A fork."
Anna: "A baby chick.  How are we gonna open it to see what's in it? We need a meaty thing.  We can smash it open with our hands.  A baby coconut is inside.  I think there's alot of baby coconuts inside."
Ayden: "Open it with a knife.  I can't smash it open." 
Abbey: "Smash it open."
Drew: "It's hard."
Rebecca: "I'm trying to open it with my fingers."
Galeena: "It's hard to open it.  It fell off the tree.  We got it.  I played with it."
Georgia: "We have to get a knife.  I have to cut it.  A coconut is inside."

April 23, 2013
"Petting Zoo"
Last week we began discussing Farm, and to spark the children's curiosity, the Petting Zoo came for a special visit.  We thought this would be a good opportunity to find out where their true interests were relating to the farm.  We recorded exactly what the children said during the Petting Zoo visit.  Here is what they said:

Ari: "Where's the horsey?"  "The rooster and the chicken."  "The bunny needs to go to his brother." 
Abbey: "It's so cute.  A little piggy sleeping, Hi little piggy." 
Anna: "He's so cute." 
Drew: "I love scratching you." "How about the nose? This is the ear. He has a tail." "What's he dreaming about?"
Jeremy: "Where's the cow?  Is that a cow?!"  "A baby pig!  He's happy! He's happy!"
Galeena: "Look what I found.  He's quacking."  "They're pretty."
Ayden: "What's your name?" (To the duck)
Georgia: "He's lookin' at me."  "I see a rooster."
Ansley: "A piggy.  He's sleeping."
Sarah: "He's drinking."
Rebecca: "I like chickens"

April 9, 2013
"What did you do over Spring Break?"

Sophia: "Play with Mommy"
Galeena: "I stayed home.  I played home.  I played with my car."
Cole: "I go to the castle, I see baby in there and toys in there."
Abbey: "The airplane.  I seen Grammy."
Drew: "I have to go to the airplane."
Ansley: "Mommy takes me at school."
Ayden: "I go'ed at vacation.  I stay at my home.  There is no school."
Georgia: "My bike.  Pink bike."
Jeremy: "I played iwth Ari and Daddy was with Hannah and Jacob and Mommy was still going outside with me."
Rebecca: "I see my brother Phillip, he miss me so much."
Ari: "I read books at the library.  Mommy, Hannah, Jacob, Jeremy, and me.  But not Daddy, he was at work."
Nemunas: "Toys."
Anna: "I drive the boat, I went to the beach.  I didn't swim in there, I drive the boat in there."

Welcome back Monkeys :)

April 4, 2013
"Pictures From Passover"

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March 22, 2013

We had a wonderful couple of weeks leading up to spring break by learning all about Passover!  Everyday we acted out the story of Passover and we learned all about what Passover meant, Moses and the Jewish people, King Pharoh, why we eat Matzah, and what is on a Sedar plate.  Everyday King Pharoh came out and we got to put frogs on his head and sing the frog song.  After singing the frog song we drew pictures of King Pharoh and then fingerprinted frogs on his head!  The children had so much fun preparing everything for our Passover Sedar Celebration.  We made Sedar plates to take home to use with our families.  We made fake Matzah out of cardboard and we used it for our dramatic play and also for our Matzah bouquet centerpeices.  We also made headbands with frog stamps to wear at our celebration.  To finish up the week, we cleaned out all of the bread products out of our classroom and hid them and then found them.  We played the game "Find the Afikomen (Matzah)" and of course silly WhatNot had it!!!! On Friday we used wet towels to do some cleaning in the classroom before Passover.  It was a beautiful week to celebrate Spring and Passover before spring break.  Passover has turned out to be one of our favorite holidays, especially the songs we learned for this holiday! 

After the Sedar, we asked the children what they did and learned at the Sedar Celebration.  Here are their responses:
Anna: "I like Moses and King Pharoh.  I like the Matzah, it was my favorite."
Georgia: "Reading the book."
Jeremy: "I was crying because I want my mommy.  I like the strawberries."
Ansley: "Strawberries."
Rebecca: "I eat strawberries and Matzah."
Galeena: "My frog headband."
Drew: "I sing."
Ari: "I was eating Matzah and eating strawberries, I drank the juice."
Ayden: "Eat butter, eat Matzah, I sing the Passover song."
Cole: "Moses."

 We hope everyone has a Happy Passover and a fun and safe spring break!!!!!!!

February 25, 2013
"Purim Fun"
Purim was such a fun Holiday to celebrate with our Monkeys!  We began by acting out the story of Purim using puppets.  The children have become familiar with the names King Ahasuerus, Queen Esther, Mordechai, and Haman.  They have learned that Haman was not nice, and to shout "boo" when they hear his name.  They have also learned that Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus, and Mordechai were the heros in the Purim story, and to shout "yeah" when they hear their names.  Miss Tasha even made a special visit to our classroom to share the story of Purim with the children.  After a few days, we observed the children acting out their version of the Purim story!  We had costumes available in our Housekeeping area, and this quickly became the childrens favorite activity.  Surprisingly, the Haman costume was most popular.  The children were so proud to show off their costumes in our Purim Parade!  Here are some pictures of our fun Purim week.

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February 15, 2013
"Healthy Habits"
For the past few weeks we have been focusing on how to keep our bodies healthy by excercising, eating healthy, and taking care of our teeth.  We had a healthy food hunt, and sorted sweets and healthy food.  We even created and painted our own healthy food.  We learned some new exercises and deep breathing techniques.  One thing that we definitely learned is that "sweets make you tired, and healthy food gives you energy!".  We had a special visit from Dr. Goldvasser, who showed us how to brush our teeth, "up and down, and all around!".  Here are some pictures of our very healthy few weeks!

 January 29, 2013
"Bim and Bom"
Today Bim and Bom spent the day in our classroom.  Bim and Bom are two child sized dolls that are part of a traveling curriculum project based on the book, "Bim and Bom A Shabbat Tale" by Daniel J. Swartz.  Bim was building on the carpet, and Bom was baking in our housekeeping area when the children arrived.  They quickly discovered Bim and Bom, and immediately started playing with them and asking questions about them.  Bim and Bom were introduced at circletime, sat and enjoyed snack, played with the children in the Social Hall, went on a nature walk, and played with the children during center time.  We recorded the children's conversations throughout the day, and this is what they thought about Bim and Bom:

Georgia: "He has cake.  He has boots."
Ansley: "Who's that?"
Ari: "Don't take his hat off."
Anna: "Do they talk?  Where is the other one?  He's not standing up.  Stand up you silly guy."
Ayden: "That's their new house.  They miss each other.  They're having a mitzvah.  She builds a house with blocks."
Drew: "Bim go to sleep."
Abbey: "I give her kisses."
Jeremy: "Just like my Hannah and Jacob. They give Challah to the people who have no money.  Bim and Bom are just like me, because they are like me, Hannah, and Jacob."
Galeena: "Bim and Bom miss each other."
Cole: "They building my house."
Rebecca: "Bim and Bom build a house."

"The Bim and Bom Traveling Curriculum Project is provided by the Commission for Jewish Education (CJE) for use by synagogues and Jewish schools in the Palm Beaches.  For information on how your synagogue or school can host the Traveling Curriculum, please contact Amy Bergman at CJE, a.bergman@cjepb.org or 561-209-2608".

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January 23, 2013
"Planting New Seeds"
We have been taking every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been having lately!  This week we have been learning about trees and planting seeds for Tu B' Shevat.  The children suggested that we go to our "adventure spot" to plant our parsley seeds.  This is a large open area with small hills and plenty of trees around to admire for planting inspiration.  The children have been enjoying running down the hills and giving the trees a big hug!  


January 11, 2013
"What Happened To Our Pumpkin Plant?"
Yesterday we went to visit our pumpkin plant.  The children were anxious to see how "big" our pumpkin plant must have grown since before winter break.  As we crossed over the big bridge leading to our plant, the children look on the ground in wonder.  We discovered that our pumpkin plant was no longer there!  We asked the children what they think happened to our pumpkin plant and here are their responses:

Ayden - "the bugs ate it"
Jeremy - "the bugs ate the sign"
Anna - "I will find it, the pumpkin plant ran away from us"
Sarah - "leaves"
Ari - "it's a bad idea"
Galeena - "the pumpkin plant ran away"
Abbey - "a big giant bug ate the sign"
Drew - "it fell down, it's open"
Georgia - "I don't know.  The bugs took the pumpkins away"
Ansley - "get a new one, the other one broke"
Cole - "oh no"
Rebecca - "buggy ate it all"

After our discussion about what could have happened to our plant, the consensus was to " plant more seeds!" 

January 9, 2013
"What Did You Do Over Winter Break"
Jeremy - "I was playing with my toys"
Galeena - "I was playing at home"
Cole - "my haircut"
Ansley - "play Rebecca, play Georgia"
Rebecca - "I have a big girl seat"
Drew - "nothing"
Ayden - "I got a new car it fit in my truck and zoom"
Ari - "going with mommy to Africa"
Georgia - "my mommy car seat"
Anna - "I slept with my princess baby and she was gone someone took her away"
Abbey - "I saw Minnie, I go on vacation"
Sarah - "a snowman"

December 20, 2012
"What Not"
Today we received a new friend to use at circle time.  His name is "What Not" and he is a muppet puppet.  The children were awe-struck with the new friend and think he is very interesting.  He brought us an alphabet book to read and What Not also goes on the potty and wears big kid underpants.  Then he washes his hands.  After seeing him use the potty everyone decided they wanted to have a turn on the potty too!  We hope that What Not encourages the children to follow suit since this topic has been brought up and is now becoming an interest to almost everyone in the classroom.  He sparked their interest in training even more and it was perfect timing.  We hope he can become a new part of our morning circle and he and Kyle are going to be best friends!  Here are some pictures of What Not's first day (and some other pictures of the week).

December 14, 2012
"What I Love About Chanukah"
This week was filled with more Chanukah celebrations!  We wrapped our gifts for our families, made paper Dreidels, we sang songs about Chanukah, and we lit the candles on the Menorah everyday.  Today we had a very special Chanukah Shabbat with the whole school and got to enjoy yummy latkes with some of our families!  On Monday, we asked the children, "What do you love about Chanukah?"  These are the responses we got. 

Ayden: "Candles & Menorah, David Star"
Abbey: "A present"
Anna: "You get treats and candy"
Georgia: "Bell"
Rebecca: "My Birthday coming soon"
Drew: "Presents"
Jeremy: "The Chanukah is if you get a new present, I have new Madagascar pajamas"
Ansley: "Dunkin Donuts"
Cole: "The Dreidel"
Ari: "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I said"
Galeena: "For going to Disney"

There is one more week before break and we hope everyone enjoys Chanukah and the Holidays.  We would also like to welcome our new friend, Sarah, to the classroom!!  The friends have been very welcoming and excited to meet a new friend!

December 7, 2012
"Our Chanukah Wishes"
Cole "car"
Ansley "a princess"
Georgia "my dog"
Drew "an instrument, microphone, a drum, and a guitar.  I will be a band"
Anna "a princess Cinderella"
Abbey "Minnie, Mickey, and Daisy"
Rebecca "go to Disney for Chanukah"
Galeena "Superman"
Ayden "a big  Thomas Train"
Ari  "a penguin"
Jeremy "a Madagascar one this year"

We also wish those who are not so forunate!-May their wishes come true

December 4, 2012
"Fundamentals Demo Class"
Today we had a "Fundamentals" demo class, which is an afterschool enrichment offered at the Preschool.  Fundamentals is a sports based class that helps strengthen gross motor skills, while learning the basics of a variety of sports.  Today the children learned the basics of some baseball terms, such as bat, glove, ball, catching, hitting, and throwing.  Then they learned the names of the bases and how to run from base to base.  The children were very engaged and enthusiastic!  A link to the video of the class will be available soon on the blog.  Ask your child about the class to see how they liked it.  Registration forms are available in the front office.


November 19, 2012
"What We Are Thankful For"
Ari - "ice pops"
Galeena - "seeds"
Rebecca - "Mommy helping me"
Drew - "Daddy"
Anna - "my princess watch"
Ansley - "Mommy"
Cole - "Mommy"
Ayden - "yogurt"
Georgia - "Mommy and Daddy"
Jeremy - "movies"
Abbey - "Mommy"
Miss Cristel & Miss Chelsie - "The Monkey Class!!"

                                     We wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 17, 2012
"Surprise Discovery"
After we opened up our large pumpkin and took all of the seeds out, Miss Cristel rinsed the seeds with water and put them in a bowl to air dry.  The bowl was covered to ensure that the seeds would be dry for a future art project.  Well, after a few days of being covered the top fell off and out sprug our pumpkin seeds that had sprouted and grew!!  The children were amazed at what they seen.  The simple task of washing our pumpkin seeds turned into a science discovery!! 

November 13, 2012
"Come See Our Fire Safety Documentaion Board"

November 13, 2012
"IT GREW!!!!"

November 9, 2012
"Planting Pumpkin Seeds"
This week we cut open a pumpkin and we had the children predict what was inside.  Their responses varied from "seeds" to "gooey".  Some children dug right into the pumpkin, while others just wanted to watch.  The children wanted to plant the pumpkin seeds just like we planted our apples seeds.  We asked the children where we should plant our seeds and they decided on our garden, which is located on the side of the Temple.  We took a walk to our garden and planted the seeds.  Throughout the week, we have been watering and talking to the seeds in hope that they will grow!! 

November 2, 2012
"Fall Day"
Since Florida dosen't have a visible Fall, the Preschool wanted to bring Fall to the children.  The hallway was decorated by each classroom to look like and represent Fall.  We took a field trip to the hallway to closely explore and look at the fall decorations and leaves.  This week we have been reading books about Fall and leaves, and going on nature walks to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather.  While on our nature walks, we collected sticks and leaves to use as painting utensils.  Here are some pictures of us celebrating Fall. 

October 25, 2012
"Fire Truck, Fire Truck, I Wanna Ride In A Fire Truck"
On Monday we had a visit from the Palm Beach County Fire Department.  The Fireman showed us the equipment, the gear, the tools, the lights, and we got to hear the siren.  Some of the children chose to sit in the fire truck.  We even got to see the water get squirted out of the fire hose.  This visit sparked the children's interest in fire trucks, and we decided to make our own fire truck.  On Wednesday, we painted a juice carton red.  Then on Thursday, we asked the children what our fire truck needed and what they wanted to use to create the fire truck.  Some questions that we asked were "What does our fire truck need?", "What can we put on our fire truck?", and "What can we use to make our truck?"  Here are their responses:

Anna "tape", "the one on top here"
Ari "pictures", "dots", "squeeze my fire hose"
Jeremy "ladders", "paper"
Ayden "windows", "fire hose"
Abbey "lights"
Ansley "I don't know, a fire truck"
Drew "a fire engine", "wheels"
Cole "the front", "the box"
Galeena "white paper"
Rebecca "water" (she decided to put the ladders on top)
Georgia (used glue to put lights on the fire truck)


October 19, 2012

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October 18, 2012
"Fire Safety"
Monday we introduced our fire safety exploration.  We had various fire safety materials on the table in the morning for the children to look at and attempt to spark their curiosity.  We had fire trucks, fire hats, a firefighter outfit, books, puzzles, puppets, and laminated pictures of items related to fire safety (to give the children concrete images that they could relate their prior knowledge to).  The children quickly discovered our new toys as soon as they entered the classroom.  After reading a book and looking at the pictures about fire safety, we asked the children questions about what they seen in the book.  They gave us many responses and the children seemed to know alot about fire safety.  These are some responses that we will be putting into our interest web:

Ayden "boots", "a fireman", "a fire hat", "do the fire hose again" 
Anna "you don't touch fire"
Ari "a fire truck", "he's gonna go in there with his mom and his dad and his sister"
Ansley "woah", "fire", "it's hot"
Jeremy "fire at disney on ice", "yellow", "they're yellow boots", "it's really hot the fire", "it comes out"
Cole "it's hot" (points to hand), "woof, woof", "a fire truck"
Georgia "it's hot"
Rebecca "he has spots", "doggy"
Abbey "fire", "it's hot", "put fire out"
Drew "a fire hat"
Galeena "firemen put the fire out"

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we brought real firefighter gear in the classroom.  The children got to try on the boots, the hat, the gloves, the jacket, and the pants throughout the course of the week.  Then we made fire paintings with red, yellow, and orange paint.  We also explored geometrical shapes by making a fire truck out of different shapes using glue.  We plan to go outside and squirt the "fire hose" to pretend that we are fire fighters.  The fire department will finally be here on Monday!  Miss Cheridah and Miss Chelsie put on the whole fire suit so that the children will be prepared for the real fire fighters on Monday.


October 15, 2012
"Body Science With Miss Yael"
Today we went to our first monthy Body Science Class with Miss Yael.  She uses soft, calm, slow voices and activities for learning about our bodies.  She helped the children learn about different body parts. They also learned basic counting skills, left and right, fine and gross motor skills, spatial skills; body awareness, balancing, listening skills; following directions, reflective thinking skills, and participating in group activities. We also did bean bag activites to music.  Ari volunteered to have his body traced on a giant piece of paper.  Then all of his friends colored and decorated his body outline.

October 11, 2012
"Simchat Torah"
During our short week, we celebrated Simchat Torah, the celebration of ending and beginning the reading of the Torah.  We got to see Torah's of all different shapes and sizes and danced to songs about the Torah.  Here's a smilebox of our short, fun week!

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October 4, 2012
"Our Outside Sukkah"
To continue our learning about the Holiday of Sukkot, we took the children to the outside Sukkah for Music Class with Cantor Tanya.  To start our day, we talked about where we would be going and what we would see.  We shook our pretend Lulav and smelled our pretend Etrog in our classroom Sukkah.   Then we went to join our other friends and Cantor Tanya for music in the Sukkah.  First Cantor Tanya talked about what the Sukkah was made of.  Then we looked at the decorations that everyone had made for the Sukkah.   
We looked through the openings in the roof of the Sukkah to see God.  Cantor Tanya showed us a real Lulav and Etrog, and then we said the blessings for each of them.  We finished by singing songs about Sukkot.  

September 28, 2012

"Our Classroom Sukkah"
This week we began our expolration of Sukkot.  We started our week by making our classroom Sukkah out of a large cardboard box that we found.  The first day we painted one side of the box, and the next day we colored the other side using markers while listening to Sukkot music.  We placed our Sukkah in our classroom Library, and let the children disover it on their own.  Then during circletime, we explained what it was and it's purpose during Sukkot.  A Sukkah has three sides and an opening in the top to see (God).  Traditionally a Sukkah is decorated with fruits, vegetables, and other things from nature.  The children decided to make a picture decoration to hang on our Sukkah, and they hung the pictures up by themselves.  The children are having fun sitting in the Sukkah and reading books with their friends.  We observed that the children have chosen on their own to only bring books and stuffed animals into the Sukkah.  They seemed to have created their own quiet safe space!  

September 19, 2012

"Nature Walk"
Today we decided to go on a nature walk to further explore our school enviroment and to get some extra exercise.  First we made sure that everyone knew the importance of staying on the rope for safety.  We also took this opportunity to talk with the children about a parking lot and car safety.  Then, we asked the children to predict what we would find on our walk.  Their answers were:

Cole: "lizard baby"
Ansley: "bugs"
Jeremy: "cars"
Ayden: "giraffe"
Anna: "a cat"
Ari: "a lizard"
Rebecca: "bugs"
Galeena: "a pig, a lizard"
Abbey: "a giraffe"
Georgia: "stick"
Drew: "a lizard"

On our nature walk, we walked around the back to the front point of the Temple.  On our way there, we saw Mr. Alfredo.  The children were excited to see him and wondered what he was doing.  Mr. Alfredo was holding a watering can, and he told the children that he was watering all of his trees.  He was taking care of an avocado tree, a mango tree, a pineapple tree, and a key lime tree.  We hope our apple tree grows someday too!  In the front of the Temple, we found the perfect space for the children to explore nature.  After walking over a small bridge, there was plenty of grass area which was closed off by trees and bushes.  While on our way back to our classroom, we saw trees, a squirrel, flowers, and a few lizards.  We heard birds, a dog, and frogs. The children collected rocks, leaves, sticks, and flowers, which will be used to make a nature collage.  This was a fun experience for the children to explore their school enviroment!!

September 13, 2012

"Apple Seed Planting"
Along with our discovery of apples for Rosh Hashanah, we decided to plant apple seeds to see if they would grow.  We asked the children where they would like to plant the seeds, and they decided to plant them on our playground.  First they picked out a spot and wanted to dig a hole.  Cole was playing in the sandbox and he offered us his shovel.  We dug a small hole and everyone took turns putting a seed in the hole.  We then covered it back up and watered our seeds.  The next day we talked with the children about the process of planting a seed, and what they thought would happen next.  Some responses from our discussions were:
Anna: "they are growing"
Jeremy: "mabye a red, yellow, and green one"
Ari: "mabye there will be apples"
Ansley: "no, its seeds, apple"
Rebecca: "apple seeds"
Ayden: "I'm gonna see apples"
Drew: "seeds"
Abbey: "a rainbow, a bug"
Galeena: "it's gonna grow, it's gonna grow up to the tree"
Georgia: (pointed to the tree)
Cole: "it's yucky" 


September 8, 2012

"Honey" Fingerpainting
One of our sensory experiences this week was fingerpainting with "honey".  The children mixed glue and yellow paint together which created a sticky texture that felt just like honey.  We discussed how the gooey substance felt and what it looked like.  This is what the children said during their fingerpainting exploration:

Ari: "honey, green honey, gooey gooey gooey, Georgia do it I do it"
Ayden: "I want some more"
Galeena: "like honey, sticky"
Anna: "I'm making a dinosuar, look what I made a big dinosaur"
Ansley: "I'm done"
Rebecca: "painting, it's sticky too"
Abbey: "nothing"
Drew: "sticky"
Cole: "no"
Jeremy: "who was eating it"
Georgia: "I'm all done"

This week we will continue to explore sensory experiences by tasting apples and honey.  We also put hard pretend apples, soft leaves, and large and small pom poms in our sensory table.  The children are learning how to fill and dump with buckets and shovels.


September 6, 2012

Rosh Hashanah Apple Discovery
This week, we started our theme on Rosh Hashanah and we discussed the different symbols that we see during this holiday.  Two of the things we talked about first were the Shofar and apples.  In music class we have been singing songs about the Shofar and Cantor Tanya even showed us a real Shofar!!  This sparked the children's interest, and everyone made their own Shofar (which are on display in our classroom).  Next we started talking about apples, and how on Rosh Hashanah we dip them in honey for a sweet New Year.  We brought in different colored apples for the children to discover and explore.  Some children were curious about what was in the apples.  We then asked the children to predict "what's inside of our apple?"  Here are their predictions:  

Jeremy: "I don't know"
Ayden: "open my apple"
Abbey: "dirt"
Ansley: "I want some, it's an apple"
Drew: "an apple"
Cole: "a yellow"
Galeena: "juice"
Anna: "a bug"
Rebecca: "apple"
Georgia: "apple juice"
Ari: "a hard core" 

The apples were then opened and the children helped to collect the seeds, which they will be planting.  

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August 31, 2012

Learning About Our School Environment

On our way to Shabbat, we noticed Mr. Pablo was washing the windows.  He is often seen throughout the day doing various jobs in the preschool.  The children get very interested and courious when they see Mr. Pablo or Mr. Alfredo working around the school.  Before Shabbat began, the children pointed to Mr. Pablo and asked us what he was doing.  Some responses were:  "who's that?", "drying the house", and "cleaning the house".  We took the opportunity to talk about who he is and what he does for our school.  


August 30, 2012                                                      

Part of our morning routine, is to start our day by waking up our bodies and moving to the song "This Is The Way We Do It" by Greg and Steve.  Here is a video of the children moving and singing along.  

August 24, 2012  

First Week of School

Our first week of school was very successful.  We are all getting adjusted to the new classroom, the new centers, their teacher, friends, and routines. We are learning new welcome songs and goodbye songs with Kyle the Cow.  At the end of each day, we sing a fun song to recap our learning for the day.  The words are: "Hey, hey, what do you say, what did (child's name) like about today?"  We give everyone a turn to answer.  These were the responses from Friday.
Abbey: "Miss Chelsie"
Anna: "Coloring"
Georgia: "Sugar Cookies"
Ayden: "I like Shabbat"
Galeena: "Mama and Daddy and Shadow"
Ari: "I like books"
Drew: "I liked books"
Cole: "Trains"
Jeremy: "Books"
Rebecca: "Mommy"
Ansley: "Playing bikes"  

It is a special way to end the day and we never know what they might say! 
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August 20, 2012


Here is a picture of the  Monkey Class eating lunch together on our first day of school.  The first day went well, and the children were excited to explore their new classroom.

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  1. Dear Ms. Cristel and Ms. Lisa, It was so much fun to watch the pictures of all the Monkeys in your class. I was laughing and enjoying all the responses of the kids. Just amazing :)
    I feel like joining your class. Thank you so much for all your efforts and love for the kids.
    Lots of Love, Neelam